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Feels like it should be a holiday! Looking forward to Season Seven Final of The Walking Dead tonight on AMC TV

My number one favorite TV series of all time, now spanning seven seasons, has its final episode of Season Seven tonight, about 1 hour and 25 minutes from 8:00pm Central Time US.

By the end of Season Seven, the “walkers” – the zombies of The Walking Dead – are not the greatest threat. Other surviving humans are the greater threat.

Without doubt, The Walking Dead has been equal to movie top quality – not just top quality for a TV series. It is the best acting and best drama of any TV series or movie I’ve ever seen. It makes me CARE about what happens to the main characters – and some of the best have not survived a season. It is a realistic perspective on the fate of surviving humans after any kind of worldwide major disaster – not just a Zombie Apocalypse. We have found the enemy, and they are us. The involvement of zombies only serves to give us a new reason to kill each other to death – and beyond. Even so, it’s not just been bloody violence and gore with special effects. The real drama is in how people still care for each other – even former strangers becoming like families – and new communities, while trying to survive.

By the way, a guilty confession. I’m beginning to like Negan, the character leading the Saviors. The guy with the bat wrapped in barbed wire. Initially the number one bad guy of all time, and a bit psychotic with violence. As of the previous episode he began to show a barely reasonable good side with somewhat logical reasons for why he is the way he is as if for a good cause – to save humanity – but under his rules – with dire consequences for breaking them. Main character Rick Grimes and his group for the first time engaged in an unprovoked attack on other people – to set aside the rule of killing only zombies instead of other people. So the number one good guy began to lean toward bad, as the number one evil guy is trying to lean toward good in his own bizarre way. Rick’s people killed a lot of his Negan’s people instead of first making contact and trying to find a peaceful solution. Negan fought back in self defense. Negan likes some of the tough people on Rick’s side who stood up to Negan – causing Negan to try to convince them to join his cause. Meantime, the Saviors with strength in numbers force other communities (much smaller) to obtain and provide the Saviors with food and general supplies and other basic needs. Now a few of those communities are forming an alliance to have an all-out war with the Saviors. I expect Season Eight will be about the war, unless the war is somehow prevented during tonight’s episode events.

From TV Guide…

The Walking Dead

I’m ready with popcorn and Dr Pepper. Bring it on!

I expect now the makers of The Walking Dead will make fans wait as usual until October for the start of Season Eight – with a split season again – half at end of 2017 and half at start of 2018. Meantime, AMC TV will try to keep viewers with other top quality TV shows created by or for AMC TV. I’ve seen several during the past seven years that are the same kind of excellent drama as is The Walking Dead, making me care about the fate of characters with excellent storytelling – such as the Hell On Wheels series (about the first railroad spanning the US). That series ended and I’v e been waiting for another good one like it. Fear The Walking Dead, a Walking Dead spin-off, is nearly as good, and gives added perspective to the history of the Zombie Apocalypse. It will soon continue.

Reported by Jim Lantern


Sunday afternoon – 2 April 2017

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