Sanctuary Cities of Frogs for Scorpions: “Thanks for your help, infidels; now we cut off your heads!”

The famous fable certainly applies for comparison to Sanctuary Cities leading to Crime and Terrorism. Excerpted from Wikipedia…

“The Scorpion and the Frog”

  • A scorpion asks a frog to carry it across a river. The frog hesitates, afraid of being stung, but the scorpion argues that if it did so, they would both drown. Considering this, the frog agrees, but midway across the river the scorpion does indeed sting the frog, dooming them both. When the frog asks the scorpion why, the scorpion replies that it was in its nature to do so.
  • Though the fable is recent, its outlook that certain natures cannot be reformed was common in ancient times, as in Aesop’s fable of The Farmer and the Viper. Here the scorpion’s reply indicates that what is fundamentally vicious will not change.

Therefore, “Thanks for your help, infidels; now we cut off your heads!”

Perhaps it is more like finding nests of hornets. Instead of obliterating them, people bring the nests of hornets into their homes, stupidly believing they will not be harmed by the hornets.

Wrong kind of immigration.

Editorial Article by Jim Lantern in Norman Oklahoma


Wednesday into the night, 22 March 2017

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