Short Review of “10 Cloverfield Lane” 2016 movie: I rate it 7 stars out of 5.

When you see this…

…you know it’s going to be good.

Normal rating scale is 1 to 5 with 5 = Excellent. Very rare for me to give a movie a special rating above a 5, even more rare for me to rate a movie a 7 – the highest I’ll ever go for being Way Above Excellent. This 7 is for acting and story rather than action and special effects.

“10 Cloverfield Lane” is the 2016 sequel to the 2008 movie “Cloverfield” about an alien invasion. Even so, I didn’t realize “10 Cloverfield Lane” is the sequel and is about an alien invasion. I was checking TV listings yesterday. I get EPIX channel with my Cox CATV deal, which showed it yesterday. I used Contour and EPIX website to pick the time I want to watch it – today. The TV Guide listing (yesterday) indicated something quite different. Had I known it to be the “Cloverfield” sequel, then the impact it had on me would not have been as strong, and I might have given it a 5 or 6 rating instead of a 7. I rated “Cloverfield” a 4 – could have been a 5 but lost a point because of a slow beginning. Too much time was spent on the young adult characters having a party before the attack began. What made it a 4 instead of a 3 is how “Cloverfield” was told – same way “The Blair Witch Project” was told – found amateur video footage. Here is the TV Guide listing, which reveals nothing about an alien invasion or that it is the “Cloverfield” sequel…

10 Cloverfield Lane

  • 5:10 PM on EPIX 211, 1 hr 50 min 2016
  • A young woman awakens from a car accident in a basement shelter, where two men inform her that a chemical attack has rendered the outside world uninhabitable. As the dynamics within the bunker shift, she begins to question her situation.

…It certainly appears to be that. The man who built the shelter by his house, character convincingly played by John Goodman, apparently has abducted at least one young woman in the past, held her captive there, perhaps under pretense the world outside has ended. He served in the Navy, became a survivalist – preparing for war – biological, chemical, nuclear fallout (but his shelter is not strong enough to survive a nuclear blast if close enough). He also considered the possibility of an alien invasion, making him sound like a real nut case when talking about it.

Goodman runs off of a road the Mary Elizabeth Winstead character, causing her to crash, then saving her life and abducting her – to hold her captive in his underground shelter. It is later revealed he was on his way home driving fast in a panic because he believed an invasion had started – but he did not know by who or what.

Meantime, the John Gallagher, Jr. character also believed an invasion had started, and knowing about Goodman’s shelter rushed over to it to survive – hoping Goodman would let him in. I should mention Goodman has no family but apparently had a daughter – what happened to her and his wife isn’t clear.

Briefly, there is an indication that there is no invasion, that the whole thing is a setup by Goodman as a pervert. He is a pervert, and a survivalist. Then a woman shows up at the shelter wanting it, but is not let in because she is clearly infected with something biological or is the victim of a chemical attack. It is clear then that some kind of invasion has started but by who or what is not yet known.

Goodman murders the Gallagher character. Winstead escapes the shelter wearing a protective suit. Goodman is killed in an explosion in the shelter. Winstead sees a flock of birds flying over, believes it safe to take off the suit to breath the air and does so. In the distance she spots what appears to be a military helicopter, but as it turns and heads toward her location to investigate the shelter explosion, what it really is becomes clear – an alien attack ship. At that point I was on the edge of my chair, and I realized it to be the “Cloverfield” sequel. Winstead fights the aliens and wins. Then she hears a radio broadcast over a car radio about survivors in Houston, and heads that way. Safe bet this will become a movie trilogy.

Cloverfield – Wikipedia.

The sequel…

10 Cloverfield Lane – Wikipedia.

“Having originally planned the film as a direct sequel to Cloverfield, Abrams suggested that he has thought of something that if they are lucky enough to get it made “could be really cool that [it] connects some stories” in a third film, even teasing a larger Cloverfield universe. Interviews with Trachtenberg and Winstead confirm that the movie is, and always was intended to be, an expansion of the first film, with Trachtenberg calling it the “Cloververse”. Winstead has voiced her interest in returning for another installment. In October 2016, it was revealed that the Abrams-produced God Particle will be the third installment in the Cloverfield franchise.

God Particle is an upcoming 2017 American science-fiction horror film directed by Julius Onah, written by Oren Uziel and Doug Jung and produced by J. J. Abrams. It is the third installment in the Cloverfield franchise. It is scheduled for a wide theatrical release on October 27, 2017… A team of astronauts aboard a space station find themselves alone after a scientific experiment causes Earth to disappear. When a space shuttle appears, the space station crew must fight for survival following their horrible discovery.

Short Review by Jim Lantern


Friday night 17 March 2017

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