Blizzard of March 2017: Hell Freezes Over – Obamacare Fails to Burn + Live Cams of Storm

Two kinds of Republicans in Congress (House and Senate): All-Or-Nothing Republicans vs. Deal-Maker Republicans. The All-Or-Nothing Republicans have been blocking progress on many issues, not just health care, by fighting Deal-Maker Republicans as well as Obama Democrats since 2012. Now the problem of stand-in-the-way Republicans continues under the Trump Administration, which favors deal-making. So it is to the advantage of Democrats that the Republicans are still divided, especially on Obamacare.

Links to News Stories about failure so far by Trump and Republicans to obliterate Obamacare…

Republican plan to repeal Obamacare would leave millions uninsured: report

Reuters-Mar 13, 2017
Two House of Representatives committees have approved the legislation to dismantle Obamacare that was unveiled by Republican leaders a week ago, but it faces opposition from not only Democrats but also medical providers including doctors and …

Republicans, long united by Obamacare, now divided on its …

Omaha World-HeraldMar 12, 2017
WASHINGTON — Republicans are in position to finally deliver on their long-standing campaign pledges to repeal the Affordable Care Act, but …

Republicans divided on Obamacare replacement

ABC6OnYourSide.comMar 8, 2017
The White House said President Donald Trump has already started to sell his plan to replace Obamacare but his fellow Republicans may be …

Republicans will keep Obamacare when hell freezes over. Well…


Blizzard canceled for New York City as storm moves west. Weather forecasters are nearly as reliable as politicians!



White House area live Webcams…

Capitol live Webcam…

Watch via EarthCam the LIVE cam at the National Mall. Here is the link…

…Camera position might shift automatically every few minutes.

Reverse view from the top of the monument…


Link to Times Square Cams via EarthCam…

…Some HD Live Cams include Audio, and the Cameras will automatically change position after a few minutes. There might be a brief ad before live cam begins.

More from EarthCam about blizzard…

EarthCam website…

Editorial Article and Special Report by Jim Lantern in Norman Oklahoma

Tuesday morning 14 March 2017

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