Foreign refugee community and students in Iowa choose to be offended by America’s red, white, and blue!

Two schools in Iowa. Basketball game. Students in support of one team wear American flag red, white, and blue, instead of wearing their school colors. They have done so before at games with other schools. It was not to target foreign refugee students of the school being played – which lost the game and then complained about how supporters of the winning team were dressed during the game.

Perhaps the red, white, and blue clothed students should have worn their school colors, but there was nothing wrong with them wearing the patriotic American flag colors. No offense was intended, but their school apologized anyway. I believe it is wrong for anyone – especially Americans – to apologize for American patriotism. Never apologize for our flag and colors. It is never wrong to display the American flag and colors.

Those who were offended chose to be offended when no offense was intended.

The school of the offended students and people of their community include refugees “from 100 different countries” according to the news story. Even so, most of those who chose to be offended are refugees from Syria, who are Muslims. So the controversy and sensitivity didn’t begin with the game, but with President Trump’s travel ban and blocking more refugees from Syria, as well as planning to deport illegal immigrants.

American born Muslims I’ve encountered are peaceful, calm, friendly, and intelligent. They have good family values and a good work ethic. I do not perceive them to be a threat. Considering America’s great diversity, they are part of what makes America great. They are Americans.

Muslims from other countries are just the opposite. I’ve found most of them to be emotional time bombs, mentally unstable, hostile – extremely short-tempered. They choose to be offended when here is no offense. They seek to be offended. Anything said to them will offend them. Just looking at one is considered an offense. I’m reminded of some fictional gunfighters – characters in some of the old westerns – movies and TV, who use any excuse to draw a gun to shoot and kill anyone who offends them.

As refugees from countries where their lives were in great danger, they come to our country seeking safe haven. Ungrateful, they hate Americans who are making it possible for them to survive here.

It’s not just foreigners from Muslim countries. I’ve encountered college students from India, and South Korea, as a couple of examples, who not only despise Americans but have a superior attitude as if we Americans are ignorant compared to them – yet they attend our universities. Some take home what they learn here and then use their American education to harm America. Like viscous dogs biting the hand that feeds them.

Many foreigners expect Americans to adapt to their way of life, rather than for them to adapt to our way of life. Some will not learn and speak our language, yet they expect to survive here and be treated like royalty.

President Trump is right. Those who hate America and Americans should be deported – should never be allowed to enter our country in the first place.

Worse then them, Americans who defend them, who chose to be offended on their behalf, who condemn fellow Americans for not treating all foreigners with proper respect – including those who hate us. My opinion, Americans who do that are guilty of treason and should be deported – forced to give up their U.S. citizenship. Perhaps they would prefer to live in the countries where the refugees came from.

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Editorial Article [my opinion] by Jim Lantern in Norman Oklahoma

Monday morning 13 March 2017

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