Tropical Shirt at Seven Bells when it should be Six

A few personal notes from The Twilight Zone…

Okay, now I’m not sure, have to check it . . . sunrise not until 7:44am Central Time – was an hour earlier yesterday. No, I don’t like this. I’m a morning person. The sooner the sun the better. Sunset 7:34pm instead of 6:34pm.

Trying to restore some life with Maxwell House French Vanilla Cafe instant coffee – added some milk to it instead of creamer and sugar to take some bite out of it although usually mild as is. Fixed a hard-boiled egg, chopped up, hot butter added to it in a bowl – just a morning protein snack to get started. Need some Sunny D juice next – need to get more across street at Dollar General or east about three quarters of a mile to Homeland Grocery store. Working on a new shopping list. Maybe later when warmer outside. Or not. Headed for a cloudy high this Sunday of 54F with wind SE at 10-20 mph, a wind thrill of about 47F. About 60% chance of rain overnight.

Wearing my new tropical shirt, but it is not tropical outside. Spring is early with the Dogwood trees flowering sooner than usual, and we just sprang forward on the clock into Daylight Savings Time, but it’s only 36F outside this morning at 7:00am – feels like 29F with wind SE at 9 mph. Cloudy – can’t see the FULL MOON this morning.

Had breezy cold misty drizzle here yesterday. Got a flat roll of weather insulation strip for doors and windows at Home Depot yesterday afternoon, installed between my French doors to the balcony and top of my entrance outer storm door. I had to reset that door in its frame after adjusting the frame for a tighter fit. I’d been hearing the south wind whistling through at both doors, and feeling it too when gusting 20-30 mph out of the south.

Also caught a ride to the west branch public library to use the printer there – email from Amazon for the Return Authorization slip I needed to print out and enclose. I’m returning the “INGUINAL HERNIA SUPPORT BRACE Medium 33-36 Waist” that does not fit right. I had free shipping because my total order was over $50 – included a new walking cane. USPS delivered the “Duro-Med Deluxe Adjustable (black) Cane, about $16, to my door yesterday. The day before the brace came first via UPS to Norman Oklahoma then transferred to USPS for home delivery. The brace cost about $39. I’ll get a refund of about $33 about 7 days after the return. $6 for the return fee. UPS should pick it up at my door sometime tomorrow – Monday March 13.

I’m teaching Anakin, my new roommate – a Majestic Palm plant, to play chess – click on image to see full size

Clockwork Reporting by Jim Lantern, time traveling an hour into the future!

Seven Bells, Sunday 12 March 2017

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