NOTICE TO MY READERS AND FOLLOWERS: Loss of Internet Service expected, so could be long time until I return to post here!

I expect to lose Cox within a few minutes – loss of home phone, loss of Internet, loss of TV. If so, then it will be a very long time until I get back here to post again or read comments in reply to this posting. This could be my final posting. Sorry. At least this time it is not because of health reasons – since my health has improved now.

I was expecting to pay today $118.37 for Cox bundle deal including the Movie Pak that I added and the 2 movies I rented On Demand.

I was lied to and misled by Cox customer service.

The past deal for TV and Internet cost about $114 per month during 2016. Then terminated because of decline in health and I expected to die soon, so no service during January. Then a new doctor and treatment helped to save me.

When I returned to Cox in February it was at first to be Internet only for about $60 per month, but they lied about that total jacking it up to $90.43. I called to ask for a better deal such as the “Bundle” advertised. An offer was made to me and I accepted the new “Bundle” deal special to be about $100 per month for TV, Internet, and phone service. Very misleading – what a blatant lie the bundle deal is, I just found out!!!

The Internet only was used for a week and then the bundle deal should have replaced it for the about 3 weeks balance of the month billing period. Instead, I’m being charged for a full billing period month for the Internet only deal, and for a full month billing period for the new bundle deal. Plus more I was not told about.

The bundle deal total has turned out to be misleading and a blatant lie.

$101.49 for TV (including $7.50 monthly Movie Pak I added to it), plus $37.98 Internet, plus $28.88 phone is $168.35 total – less “$49.98 bundle savings” = $118.37. That’s a good deal. Would have been but they lied. I thought that included taxes, fees, and surcharges. Instead, they add $31.63 to the phone service just for taxes, fees, and surcharges, not including the service itself!!! They add $11.00 to TV and Internet for taxes, fees, and surcharges! So in addition to the $118.49 that I expected to pay each month on the bundle deal it is $161.00 to include the total $42.63 taxes, fees, and surcharges. Line by line details on the online bill, I’m shocked by some of the bizarre made-up charges and amounts that were never included in the $114 monthly bills during 2016. Like “Inspection and Supervision Fees” and “Regulatory Cost Recovery Fees” and “High Cost Fund” and “Universal Service Fund” – none of those were on 2016 bills. Very “Creative Billing” used by Cox now.

Please forgive my colorful language but TO HELL WITH COX!!! I will not pay it. I will not tolerate being lied to. I can’t afford it anyway. They would not let me go back to the 2016 deal of $114 monthly, saying that offer is no longer available. So I expect the service will be terminated, equipment picked up, and then this will become a legal issue – a judge can decide it in court – and then a payment plan set up for if I owe anything – all or any part of the $265.58 bill that should have been $118.37 – which is $147.21 more than I was expecting.

So, if this is goodbye for a while, a long time, thanks again for being my readers and followers. I’ll try to get back here if and when I’m able to do so by other means. 

Reported by Jim Lantern

Tuesday morning 9:30am CT, 7 March 2017

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