Health Care Fail – Mainstream News Media FOX and some Elected People interviewed FINALLY understand why!

They get it! Finally!

Having the Medicare card for coverage does not guarantee any actual provided health care! They finally understand that part of it now! Government does not provide health care! Only doctors provide actual health care! Medicare only pays about 29 cents on the dollar – Medicaid at state level is worse! Doctors can’t afford to give it away. More doctors are refusing to accept Medicare, and some are dumping Medicare patients like my former MD dumped me. Norman Regional Hospital like many others across the country has lobbied to get approval to legally turn away Medicare patients from the Emergency Room.

It’s really hitting the fan this Tuesday 7 March 2017. The new “American Health Care Act” announced today – Republicans are divide on it – Democrats totally opposed to it. It is possible the end result could be as bad as ObamaCare if not worse. Republicans pushing it are as deceptive as the Democrats who pushed ObamaCare. Some of the truth slips out in the fine print of the act, the bill. “Read the bill dot gop.”

Other major issues have been hitting the fan today! They’ve all gone crazy in DC! The mainstream news media including FOX has gone crazy over it all. Republicans divided, health care, immigration and travel ban, terrorists, Russians hacking, Trump being wiretapped by Obama, White House leaks, more WikiLeaks, North Korea making threats, Iran making threats, on and on it goes.

[I’ll continue to post as long as possible. The Cox bill is not due until March 26 but I could get cut off sooner since I’m refusing to pay it – because I was lied to by customer service about the cost of the Internet, TV, and Phone service on the “Bundle” deal, about $150 more than I was expecting to pay this month.]

Reported by Jim Lantern

Tuesday 4:00pm CT, 7 March 2017

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