Good TV tonight Sunday 5 March 2017 – Time After Time (new series begins) on ABC, and The Walking Dead on AMC

Me wearing a Walking Dead ball cap “Survive” bought at Hastings Bookstore a few months ago…


I’m looking forward to the next episode of The Walking Dead on AMC TV tonight. Also, the ABC TV premier of Time After Time – new series based on the excellent movie…

Time After Time

  • Pilot; I Will Catch You – 8:00 PM CT on ABC [local KOCO 8], 2 hours, 2017, TV-14.
  • A young H.G. Wells travels in the time machine he created to modern day New York City in the pursuit of the charismatic (yet secretly psychopathic) Dr. John Stevenson, better known as “Jack the Ripper,” in the first half of this series premiere. In the second half, he faces the real possibility that Vanessa Anders is his great granddaughter.

…Based on the movie…

I normally watch The Walking Dead at 8:00pm and then The Talking Dead (Live) at 9:00pm. Lucky for me, The Walking Dead new episode repeats at 10:00pm…

The Walking Dead

  • Say Yes 10:01 PM CT on AMC 33, 1 hour 1 minute, 201,7 TV-MA.
  • Members of the group scavenge for supplies. Meanwhile, back in Alexandria, someone must make a morally-challenging decision.

…So I’ll get to watch the 2-hour pilot of the new series and the new episode of my favorite TV series. A fun way to help celebrate my 61st birthday today – a good ending to a good day.

Reported by Jim Lantern

Sunday evening, 5 March 2017

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