Review: My first experience with Cox On Demand, and watching 2016 movie “Arrival”

I have Cox Contour TV with 200+ channels plus On Demand. Cost is listed as $79.99 but then add $37.98 for Internet, plus $35.16 for phone service, less the $49.98 “bundle” discount, $103.15 total Cox services.

I just used On Demand for the first time. I watched “Arrival” – a 2016 science fiction movie.

Easy to use, but had technical problems with first attempt. I went to channel 1 for On Demand, selected Movies, found “Arrival” and selected it. Clicked on Rent. Cost me $5.99 for a movie that new, charge to be added to my next monthly bill – so I didn’t have to pay right now. The CATV box had to be reset to fix a “technical” problem (on screen notice and then the movie cut off), which can be done online or over the phone using Cox automated service. Then I restarted the move. All went well after that. I could pause it when I needed to. Great convenience compared to going to a movie theater or going to a store to rent or buy a movie on DVD, so it is worth the $5.99 rental charge. Also, the movie itself is worth the $5.99 rental charge.


Click on image to see full size.

ARRIVAL – Wikipedia Article.

This is what I’d refer to as true science fiction.

The story presents one of the most realistic concepts of what real aliens might be like – physically, language, and their perception of time.

I rate it 4 stars out of 5.

Reported by Jim Lantern
Saturday afternoon, 25 February 2017

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