Evidence of Climate Change, Global Warming?

With my own eyes I’ve witnessed a warming climate each year I’ve lived in Norman Oklahoma since May 2008.

The evidence is a kind of tree that gets tiny white flowers on it for only about one month each spring, then fall off to leave only green leaves until the following autumn or winter. I’m not sure of the name of the tree. People in Norman I’ve asked are not certain, each guessing different tree names. Also, I’ve not yet found an exact matching image or description via Internet search.


Click on image to see full size.

When I arrived in Norman 3 May 2008, the flowers had already fallen off. I didn’t see the flowers on them until early April 2009. Then I discovered I’m extremely allergic to those flowers. I’m more allergic to tree pollen than I am to other kinds of pollen, weeds, and molds. Severe sneezing with watery eyes are the primary symptoms. I tried various allergy meds during April 2009 – mainly antihistamines, and finally found one that barely helps to knock down those symptoms. Even so, each year the meds have become less effective, but each year the symptoms have become less severe.

Each year since moving here, the white flowers have appeared on those trees on average a week sooner than the previous year. So now instead of flowering around April 1st, they are flowering in late February. One of those trees at the apartments complex where I live began to get those flowers yesterday – Wednesday 22 February 2017. Yesterday’s high was 81F, and so I had my doors and windows open during the afternoon.

An abrupt and brief change is now in the forecast. I hope the homeless and places helping them are paying close attention to the forecast so they can be ready for it – the current warming trend could cause some to think the worst of winter is over. Not so. Between today’s forecasted high of 83 and Friday night’s low of 27, is a 56 degrees drop difference, plus a wind chill Friday night with N wind at 10 to 20 mph.

Global warming and climate change – Wikipedia.

Reported by Jim Lantern
Thursday morning, 23 February 2017

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