Then and Now

In 1976, no one would have expected in the “real” world a major network news anchor to act deranged. The movie was satire. The “reel” world.

Today, it is reality, 24/7.

I’m presently watching the 1976 movie “Network” on TCM – Turner Classic Movies. I could change the channel to CNN, MSNBC, or even Fox News, to see it for real.

More so, the subjects – major issues – presented during the famous rant – “You’ve got to get mad!” – are as true today as they were back then!

Also considering the present day war between President Trump and the press.

“It’s what we call the news!”

From TV Guide…


9:30 PM CT on TCM 63, 2 hours 15 minutes, 1976
  • Best Picture nominee about a mentally unstable news anchor who, after being told he’s to be fired, becomes a media superstar when he begins delivering nightly rants and threatens an on-air suicide for his final broadcast. Paddy Chayevsky’s script won an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay; Peter Firth received a posthumous Best Actor award as the unhinged newsman; and Faye Dunaway won Best Actress as a scheming network exec.

A history time warp!

Editorial Article by Jim Lantern
Saturday, 18 February 2017

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One thought on “Then and Now

  1. OMG. I remember seeing this at the cinema!



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