Once Upon a Monday Morning

Seven Bells here in Norman Oklahoma – 7:00am CT – Monday the 13th of February, 2017. Sunrise 7:18am, sunset today at 6:10pm.

Testing the restored webcam on my HP Notebook for snapshot…


…Yep, that’s how I look this Monday morning. Can’t drink coffee for a while – avoiding caffeine and sugar. Just Carnation Instant Breakfast (vanilla) with whole milk for breakfast. Mostly liquids diet for a while. Gluten-free diet. High-protein low carbohydrate diet. Increasing iron intake to improve hemoglobin production so I don’t have to go out looking for a blood transfusion under each full moon to compensate for bleeding stomach ulcers. Avoiding foods with MSGs – triggers my migraine headaches (and ocular migraines).

Countdown to 61st birthday 20 days – 5 March 2017. I didn’t expect to live this long – longer than any other male on the paternal line in the known history of my family.

I enjoyed watching the new episode of The Walking Dead on AMC TV last night.

Presently, I have FNC (Fox News) on TV. Checking headlines at Google News online. Maybe later I’ll find an issue of interest to write a new editorial article about.

After a warm spring-like Friday and summer-like Saturday, another cold front arrived Sunday. Rain in forecast for today to start about 3:00pm. Heavy rain through the night. Rain ending by 6:00pm Tuesday.

Once-in-a-while an oldie song gets stuck somewhere between my ears for no apparent reason. So here is what’s mangling my mind this Music Monday morning…

As for tonight, another good show on AMC TV. Second season of HUMANS begins…

I need a new body. Maybe someday I can get one at Walmart. Transfer my consciousness and soul into a new body, an artificial body that will last longer.

+ + +

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