CyberLink YouCam 7 (and similar) Audio Out of Sync with Video – Problem Solution

Because I might use it for 2-way video communications and still shots in the future, I finally decided to set up the webcam (for camera and video with audio) built into my HP Notebook (purchased a few months ago).

It was necessary to get the free download of CyberLink’s YouCam for Windows 10, which turned out to be quick and easy to install, and then to use it.

Test of camera: Works well for still shots.

Test of video: I recorded about 15 seconds. Audio out of sync with video. I checked support forums, found others having same problem with same or similar webcams, getting no useful answers – just the usual egotistical super-tech runarounds – totally useless like the answers politicians give when they really don’t have any answers. Then it occurred to me the problem might not be with the builtin webcam itself or the downloaded YouCam, but with the builtin microphone (one on each side of the camera on this notebook). I opened the speakers volume mixer, selecting Recording Devices, clicked on the Microphone in use (with green check next to it), clicked on Configure, clicked on Set Up Microphone. Of the three options presented there I picked the “Other” choice, followed the steps, saved and closed. I created a new 15 seconds video to test the audio. Now the audio is in sync with the video – sound matching movement of my mouth.

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