I’m sharing this special report via my WordPress site so that there will be a record of it, just in case I do die sooner than later, for if any attempt is made to determine causes of death.

I was diagnosed with “fluctuating” hypoglycemia (low blood glucose/sugar) at age 9 as a life-long disorder. Treated in Wichita by Dr Lillian North, hypoglycemia research pioneer, wrote the high-protein low-carbohydrate diet to balance it out – has not always worked well but to some extent.

Although it was physical health disorders (like I have now) that forced me onto disability, and SSA doctors greed I’m disabled because of those, none of each of those alone would legally qualify me for SSD. Then being diagnosed with Bipolar II (more depressive than manic) in January 1998 is what got me approved for SSD. In my case, the bipolar has a direct physical link proven by testing. I’m depressed when my blood glucose is low (most often), slightly manic when my blood glucose is high (least often). No wonder Dr Pepper has been an instant relief for my depression, but why other soft drink beverages and why medicines for depression don’t work as well is not known.

My migraine headaches have been associated with glucose level changes and no doubt caused by MSGs in food – my favorite Doritos Nacho Cheese Chips I became addicted to far worse than anything else. Excedrin only treatment able to knock down my migraines – Aspirin in it improves the flow of blood and impact of Acetaminophen in it but as a trigger damages the lining of the stomach leading to history of bleeding stomach ulcers as a symptom – although genetic as a cause (my father had them). The chips addiction began in January 1975 when I was stranded in a blizzard and it was the only food I had with me, leading to my first ever migraine headache. Bleeding ulcers began in 1986 at age 30.

I drank alcoholic beverages 1976 to 1986 and then permanently quit because the alcohol makes the stomach ulcers pain worse. Before that, because of my unusual metabolism, alcohol in beverages could not make me drunk and was not a depressant – was instead a stimulant like a super fuel for increasing physical reflexes plus clarity and speed of thought. Less than one in a million like me with that unusual condition. Done for humor but based on reality, one of the fictional DJs on the TV series “WKRP in Cincinnati” had that same condition. For 10 years (1976-86) my profession included repair of juke boxes in bars and clubs. [See 13:30 in video added to this posting in which Dr Johnny Fever gets faster with each drink, driving the officer crazy.]

I was long ago warned I could eventually become a diabetic, but I still don’t know which Type and understand the differences between Types. Blood tests during 2015 indicated I’ve shifted to borderline diabetic but not yet over the line. When I was at the ER of Norman Regional Hospital 25 January 2017, a doctor and a nurse expressed concern about becoming diabetic but could or would not confirm it – saying it is something my primary care doctor (I don’t presently have) needs to test me for. Because, considering the condition of my feet – swollen feet and ankles, heat rash on ankles, clear fluid leaking out of ankles, severe burning pain, further swelling up to and including knees.

From October 2016 onset of rash from Advanced Crusted Scabies, and then additionally genetic (my sister had it) Celiac Disease rash, there have been no migraine headaches. Longest I’ve gone without a migraine headache. Then as both rashes began to end and flake off like a healing severe sunburn the past few days, migraine headaches have returned – including ocular migraines. The months of skin rash have included severe stomach ulcer pain, Celiac Disease damage to my small intestine (ability to take in nutrients), and onset of right groin hernia associated with small intestine, loss of ability to keep down all solid food, most soft foods, and some liquids – forcing me onto a mostly liquids diet, as well as a gluten-free diet. I go through a gallon of whole milk every 2 to 3 days to knock down ulcer pain and to keep me alive. I recently bought gluten-free Rice Chex cereal, and with a craving for sugar (I’d not had since onset of rash) added a couple of spoonfuls of sugar to a bowl of it. Triggered a migraine headache. Next morning, same thing. The migraine headache could be glucose related. Both feet and ankles swelled up again. I have suspected too much Tylenol taken with Excedrin and Ibuprofen possibly causing damage to my liver and in turn being one of the causes of the rash and feet swelling.

It could be that I have crossed the line and am now diabetic instead of just hypoglycemic. I will not know until I can be tested by a new primary care provider MD here in Norman Oklahoma who is willing to accept Medicare and Medicaid (here known as SoonerCare). The ER doctor refused to help me.

WKRP episode including the drinking test…

Whisky does not affect alien beings.” Oh no, I’ve been found out!

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