My Walking Dead Return to Cox Communications

I had TV and Internet with Cox Communications costing me about $114 per month.

Because of decline in health I believed I’d die soon, so I discontinued Cox and had the equipment picked up. When I went to the hospital I didn’t expect to see home again. However, I’m improving now, will live a bit longer.

First, I decided just to restore Cox Internet, and planned to watch TV online. By itself, it would cost about $68 per month, plus $20 one time for shipping the wireless modem to me.

I called Cox back and asked about getting a price break if I were to also restore TV. The lady I talked to made me an offer I could not refuse. First time their “bundle” deal sounded reasonable to me for phone service, Internet, and TV, just about $103 per month, apparently only about $21 for from yesterday’s free pro installation until end of current billing period (March 3), and eliminating the $68 deal for Internet by itself. I accepted. So comparing $114 for Internet and TV to $103 for Internet, TV, and phone service, not a bad deal. It’s been nearly 12 years since I had a landline phone – not included in deal, so getting a cheap one perhaps later today. I’ve already been assigned a home phone number, so all I have to do is to plug the new phone into the Cox phone box. The Internet service on this deal is claimed to be faster than what I had before, but I’ve not noticed the difference. The TV deal is for their Contour service with 220+ channels and a better box than what I had before – this one has voice control and a better guide service.

Although I’ll live longer, I’m more disabled now than ever before, and will be spending more time at home than ever before, so the home phone service is now justified. I’ll only use my old cell phone when I do go out.

The lady I pay my rent to is with a church that helps disabled people and homeless people and others. Until I can make other arrangements, she can pick up some food and supplies for me when I’m unable to get out, and she does that for a few other tenants too. Also, I’ll be buying more food and supplies online and having them shipped to me.

I’m now down to surviving on a mostly liquid diet. A gallon of milk about every 2.5 days, medicine and pain reliever for my stomach ulcers as well as being food. Carnation Instant Breakfast (vanilla) packets – one per day with milk. Boost protein drink (vanilla) – one 8oz bottle per day. One cup of vegetable juice per day. One cup of Mandarin orange slices per day. Otherwise gluten-free products, and no MSGs.

When I first got Cox at my present home address, it was just the mini-box for TV and just a few channels. Horrible, not including any of the channels I’d normally watch. When I upgraded TV to more channels I was provided a bigger box about the size of an old VCR, and sounded like it had an old PC hard drive in it constantly going berserk. The addition of wireless Internet was acceptable.

I can still watch TV online. Simply signing into Cox and accessing it at any channel website allowing the watching of full episodes. Even so, this new Contour TV deal apparently makes it possible to me to likewise watch full episodes whenever I want to just like watching online.

I no longer watch CNN – the Creative News Network. I’ll be using other news sources to monitor for issues I’ll be writing editorial articles about.

I’m looking forward to watching my favorite – The Walking Dead on AMC TV – the second half of Season 7 begins this coming Sunday night 12 February 2017. It includes zombies, but the approach is realistic and the drama is excellent with outstanding acting that is very convincing and emotionally touches the soul. The episode ending mid-season of Season 7 is the happiest ending of any season or mid-season so far, a desperately needed happy ending with tears of joy – the last few minutes…

…Now it becomes more of a war of survival between surviving human camps than just surviving humans fighting the walking dead zombies after a virus nearly kills all humans on earth.

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