My visit to the E.R. of Norman Regional Hospital 25 January 2017

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It was about 3:00am CT Wednesday 25 January 2017 when the pain got so bad that as an act of desperation I called 911/EMS to go to the Emergency Room of Norman Regional Hospital.

Pain from a right groin “Inguinal” hernia was making it difficult to walk. I believe it was the gut wrenching physical stress of the combined attacks of pain from bleeding stomach ulcers and two kinds of rash on my skin that is the main cause of the hernia. The small intestine trying to protrude through weak spots within the abdominal and groin muscles is what has happened in my case.

Taking too much Tylenol and/or too much Excedrin for the pain, but not an overdose, possibly caused severe swelling in both of my feet, then additional both ankles, and then additionally up to and including swollen knees. However, the problem also began with a painful burning heat rash appearing on the inside of my right ankle I discovered when removing my socks. Took a few days to heal. Next time out on errands it happened again and included the inside of my left ankle. Third time it spread down to my feet and higher up as well as all around both ankles, made worse with severe swelling. A clear fluid began leaking out from the rash-damaged skin on my swollen ankles. By 3:00am January 25 it got so bad I could barely walk. Added to that the hernia making it difficult for me to walk.

The main reasons why I called 911/EMS is because of the loss of ability to walk because of the hernia and the damage to my feet and ankles, as well as severe pain with both problems. Even so, there are other health problems to consider.

Since October 2016, I’d been fighting repeated attacks of Advanced Crusted Scabies also known as Norweigen Scabies. Source unknown – not from physical contact with anyone – so it had to be from an infected person to an object such as a chair for example that gets infected and then to the next person to sit on it – but I am not certain where and how I became infected – repeatedly, or the original source. It causes a very painful rash that looks and feels like a sunburn or a chemical burn, with stinging sensations – prickly heat sensation. Even though the advanced kind of scabies is worse than the normal kind, the normal kind itches more than the advanced kind. The scabies rash was limited to my upper back and forearms of both arms dorsal side.

My sister was diagnosed with Celiac Disease about 9 years ago soon after she turned age 60. It is genetic. I turn age 61 on 5 March 2017. I began to have symptoms in December 2016 – mainly the rash appearing on my neck, shoulders, chest, and abdomen. The rash is similar to the Scabies rash, just as severe and painful. Because of the internal damage to the small intestine by this disease, I have to wonder if it is also associated with my hernia –  the small intestine trying to protrude through weak spots within the abdominal and groin muscles. When symptoms began, my sense of taste went haywire – all kinds of meat and favorite foods suddenly tasting like muddy cardboard while chewing, followed by nausea soon after swallowing. I’ve had to eliminate all wheat in all forms, going to a totally gluten-free diet, because of damage to the small intestine and triggering severe rash. I’ve already eliminated all food with MSGs that triggered my migraine headaches. Now, suddenly, apparently allergic to all kinds of nuts. Dr Pepper and all soft drinks make the rash worse. I’ve used Dr Pepper to help knock down depression. I’ve had ice addiction, a symptom of anemia (in my case from internal bleeding stomach ulcers). I don’t chew the ice. I let crushed or tiny ice cubes slowly melt in my mouth, very relaxing, used to knock down anxiety. I can’t do that anymore because consumption of ice in any form makes the rash worse. Tylenol makes the rash worse. Benedryl makes the rash worse as do all antihistamines. Presently, I’m barely surviving on a mostly liquids diet. I drink about a gallon of milk every 3 days, and using it with Carnation Instant Breakfast Vanilla – one packet each morning. Drinking Boost Protein Vanilla – one 8oz every day. Not sure if I can still drink vegetable juice – not sure if it is causing the rash to flare up. I can consume white seedless (green) grapes, orange slices, apple slices. Watermelon slices were good but then started causing nausea. Mashed potatoes I make from the powder were good and then started tasting bad. On a gluten-free diet it will take 2 years for the small intestine to fully heal to properly take in nutrients, minerals, vitamins.

Last time I was scoped, it was determined that the bleeding stomach ulcers can no longer be repaired (such as by cauterizing or patching) because of the deterioration of the tissues. Comparable to a 10 gallon water tank leaking a gallon per month will take 10 months to run out of water – unless the leak is stopped and more water added to it. I would not get more blood transfusions because they don’t want to waste precious donated blood on someone who can no longer be repaired. However, trying a different way, I was put on a special diet to boost iron intake to increase hemoglobin production – to try to produce blood  in my body faster than it is leaking out. If that were to fail, then I’d slowly bleed out and die. Because the diet was disrupted by Celiac Disease onset, I expected it to fail, and I estimated I have only a few months left to live.

When I called 911/EMS to go to the hospital January 25, I was prepared to be admitted and expected to be there for a few days to a week or longer. I expected the hernia to be repaired. Also my ankles and feet treated for the heat rash, swelling, and leaking of the clear fluid. I also expected to be scoped, for repairs to be attempted one more time on bleeding stomach ulcers, and receive a blood transfusion of 1 to 3 pints.

The initial focus in the Emergency Room was on my heart and blood pressure. Diagnosed with Prehypertention. I believe they were overlooking its obvious causes – anxiety, fear, severe pain from the other disorders I went there to be treated for.

They gave the rash on my chest and stomach a glance, but then would not discuss its cause – Celiac Disease.

They refused to examine my hernia, acknowledge it, talk to me about it.

They briefly examined my feet and ankles and then refused to treat them.

As for the rash on my back and arms, they confirmed Crusted Scabies. They prescribed the same cream prescribed to me by an Integris doctor I went to. It’s for normal Scabies. The national consensus of health care professionals is the cream fails to work on Advanced Crusted Scabies. However, a few doctors believe repeated treatments of the cream will eventually work. Problem is, it does not work, and repeated treatments damage the skin to make each treatment feel like being burned alive in a fire. The national consensus is there is no cure for Advanced Crusted Scabies that works for everyone – a few possibilities that might help a few people will not work for most people. I discovered that the prescription cream in liquid form is the active ingredient of Hot Shot bug spray to kill lice, fleas, and ticks – and will also kill the Scabies mites – including the Advanced Crusted kind. However, like the cream, the bug spray can harm the skin with too much use. The trick has been to catch the mites when most active, apply the bug spray, killing them on contact – those on the skin surface and not too deep, and then wash it all off within an hour. No pain doing it that way. Also, taking Overburden helps to knock down the inflammation. There is more healing of skin during rest and sleep than during awake and active.

The E.R doctor refused to prescribe any pain relievers. The jerk told me to take a Tylenol. The problem is doctors, clinics, and hospitals are being prosecuted and sued for getting patients addicted to strong pain relievers. It’s been a big issue in the news involving politics, government, law enforcement, and health care. So now to play it safe pain relievers are prescribed only in extreme cases.

I went home in the same condition I arrived, 3 hours after arriving.

I had no money for taxicab or bus. I called the lady I pay my apartment rent to, and she called a taxicab for me. I paid her back when I paid February rent.

By the way, I read in a past news story that Norman Regional Hospital is one of several hospitals across the country seeking approval to legally turn away Medicare patients. Further, doctors here in Norman, Oklahoma, have been dumping Medicare patients since 2012. That’s why I no longer have a primary care provider. So I have full coverage health care, including Medicaid (SoonerCare) and qualified for additional special coverage, but now no doctor who is willing to accept it. I’m barely surviving on my own now.

There is good news. While I was at the E.R. of Norman Regional Hospital, they did check my hemoglobin count. A bit higher than it should have been, at 9.5, proves that the special diet is working – my body is producing blood slightly faster than the loss of blood from bleeding stomach ulcers that can no longer be repaired. If that continues, then I’ll live more than a few months. Therefore, my return to this WordPress site to continue writing editorial articles.

There remains an extremely important mystery yet to be solved! How did I get Advanced Crusted Scabies? Not from person-to-person because I’ve not had physical contact with anyone for a long time. It had to be person to object to me. The mites can live away from humans and blood for up to 3 days. I do not know what object I came into contact with that had the mites on it, transferred by the previous infected person to use it, when it happened, and where it happened. Without knowing specifically, I can easily have contact with the same object and re-catch the mites. It could easily be a grocery store clerk handling grocery shopping carts – the handles, in turn infecting customers using those carts. If so, then there should be hundreds of infected persons. No chance I’m the only victim. The local health department, like the CDC, refuses to accept reports from patients. Only from doctors, clinics, and hospitals. For that to happen, enough victims would have to be treated by the same doctor to realize an outbreak and then to report it to the local health department and to the CDC. IF I am the only victim, then it can’t be by accident – bad luck. It must have been deliberate. If so, who did it to me, and why me? How would the suspect acquire the mites? It is possible it could be a student or professor granted legal access by a university lab that stores them for research and study, who then engaged in theft of the mites from the lab to distribute them. If not just me as the only target, if released in a public place like a grocery store, then it could be classified as more than just a crime – it could be a biological attack by one or more terrorists. Food for thought.

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