Jim Lantern – Returning from the Edge of Death and Beyond

Greetings to any Readers still Following:

2:45pm CT Tuesday 7 February 2017…

While I was in the ER of Normal Regional Hospital 3am-6am Wednesday 25 January 2017, my hemoglobin count was checked to be 9.5. It was expected to be 7.0 or lower. Normal for me was 10.0 to 12.0, but should be 12.0 to 14.0. I’ve been as low as 4.7, anemia caused by internal bleeding from a single stomach ulcer in January 1998. At a different ER back then, an MD said “Human life can’t exist under 5.0, so right now we don’t know what is keeping you alive.” An ER nurse said, “People who come in this low are at least unconscious, in a coma, or dead.” I was given an emergency transfusion of 3 pints of blood getting me up to 8.0 count.

Determined last time I was scoped, bleeding stomach ulcers can no longer be repaired (such as by cauterizing or patching) because of how deteriorated the tissue is. Eventually, without emergency blood transfusions – and they don’t want to waste precious donated blood on someone who can no longer be repaired, I’d eventually bleed out and die. Like a 10 gallon water tank leaking a gallon per month will run dry in 10 months. However, I was put on a special diet to boost iron intake to try to increase hemoglobin production to be greater than the slow leak or at lest break even to give me more time to live.

The diet was disrupted when because of another disorder several solid foods I could no longer consume. Even so, it turns out I was able to get needed iron, other minerals and vitamins, nutrients, in a soft foods and a mostly liquids diet I’m now on.

Much to my surprise, it turns out the diet to increase hemoglobin production has worked to show a slight gain of 1.5 instead of the previously predicted estimated loss of 1.0 to 2.0 by January 2017.

Bottom line: I’ll live. However, there are other serious health problems I continue to suffer from. Even so, for at least one of those, and other issues of interest, I’ve decided to return to the Internet to post editorial articles at my WordPress site. Because of health problems I’ll not be writing as often as I did in the past. When I do post here at WordPress, it will mainly be about health-related issues. At least now I have returned to my true home on the Internet. This old man came rolling home…

I’ve restored Cox for “Essential” High Speed Internet, but not “Economy” Cox TV – I can watch TV online. I had to cut one of those out of the budget because of Cox rate increases to both, and my increasing out-of-pocket medical expenses. Because I can watch TV online, it made more sense to let go of CATV and restore only Internet. However, Cox then made a new money saving “bundle” offer for CATV, Internet, and phone service over the cable line. I accepted. I will have faster Internet speed and more CATV channels on this new deal. It will be tight, but I can adjust my budget enough to cover it. At least by getting TV back I can fully abandon sanity. It’s been 11 years since I had a landline phone service. I’ll have to buy a landline phone.

Meantime, I bought Star Trek Beyond on DVD on sale at Walmart, watched it – EXCELLENT – best Star Trek so far!

So you might be wondering why I was at the ER of the local hospital back on 25 January 2017, what caused me to call 911/EMS so early that morning.

To Be Continued…

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One thought on “Jim Lantern – Returning from the Edge of Death and Beyond

  1. Welcome back.



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