Notice to Followers and Readers:

Your time reading my writings has been appreciated. Thanks. Writing has been part of my soul.

This is my final posting here. My physical health has so significantly declined during the past 24 hours, that short of a miracle I do not expect to live beyond the end of this month.

I’ve scheduled my service with Cox to be disconnected and equipment picked up between 8am-10am tomorrow morning for CATV and Internet. Friday the 13th, when a winter ice storm – mixed with flooding heavy rain plus strong wind and power failures – is expected to arrive here in Oklahoma and last through Monday.

I’m setting up auto-reply for my gmail account to let anyone know who is otherwise not notified and sends email to me. There will be no more live emails to anyone after tonight. I will still have the cell phone for talk or text until the end, but usually off unless expecting a call or unless I need to make a call.

I’m using the remainder of today to shut down other Internet activities and to say goodbye to my readers at WordPress.

I would have preferred to keep TV to see the January 20 Trump inauguration, but my physical condition has so significantly declined in the past 24 hours that I doubt I’ll still be alive on January 20. I also wanted to see the new season of my favorite TV series – The Walking Dead – returning next month, but short of a miracle I’ll be gone before the first episode. The previous estimate of having 5 to 6 months left to live is no doubt impossible now. Therefore I’m doing the responsible thing to make sure Cox gets its equipment back. Also because it appears using the Internet is now somehow contributing to my rapid decline in physical health, I must put a stop to it. There’s also the Cox rate increase that would cut into my budget if I were to keep CATV or Internet.

I was born 5 March 1956 – my 61st birthday would be 5 March 2017.

I’m leaving this free WordPress site up in my pen name of “Jim Lantern” at Lantern Timeglass Journal, where people can still read articles I’ve written in the past, and for free to read my entire science fiction novel that was published as a paperback in May 2003 and was available as an ebook in May 2004-2006. I will live on in my writing…



Jim Lantern (pen name) aka Jim Harwood in Norman Oklahoma
Thursday morning, 12 January 2017

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12 thoughts on “Goodbye

  1. Hey buddy, you will be missed! I’ve appreciated your voice and our time together. Sending you a big virtual hug.


  2. Jane Dough

    He was/IS an Empath!!!! What the hell is going on? I just found this guy and now he’s dying? NO, NO, NO. Well, fuck it. I might as well say that if he is under the care of MD’s, they have a nickname in my book. It’s Murdering Doctors. I know for a FACT that Holistic care and a good Maximized Living Chiropractor would have probably added years to his life. I am pissed that I did not find him sooner. What caught my eye was his article on unexplained scratches on the body, because I received some of my own, yet they were different than your ordinary scratch. I am so upset. I hate doctors, they accelerate the death of people.


    • A person can SUSPECT anything without proof – just a gut feeling. BELIEVING requires only enough proof to convince self. KNOWING requires the kind of proof to convince others. I now believe my decline in health since turning age 60 5 March 2016, with faster decline past 3 months, is not just bad luck, chance, coincidence. I believe I have in part been murdered, for real – I just haven’t the courtesy to fall over yet, but a few more hours perhaps. I can be rude like that. Believing I am under attack, I have the desire to fight back rather than to just accept my fate. I don’t know if the who or what knows me and targeted me personally, or not knowing me crossed paths with me and then targeted me specifically, or if I’m just a random victim – among many others not yet identified – such as a biological terrorist attack. Some universities have labs for students to study dangerous bugs and viruses, could be stolen then released in a public place such as one of the grocery stores I shop at. I have no doubt I caught the Advanced Crusted Norweigen Scabies – significantly different and worse in greater numbers and more like bedbugs compared to normal scabies more easily killed. The skin over my entire body is being destroyed by them, the resulting rash that looks and feels like a sunburn or chemical burn, with deep pain, and surface stinging, not so much itching. I fought them down twice. The third infection left no doubt I caught them off of the handle of a grocery store cart! The fourth attack from laundry just done in the laundry room of the apartments complex where I live. The fifth and present ongoing attack came from within my apartment. The CDC and the local health department will not accept reports directly from patients – only from doctors, clinics hospitals – and then if enough victims visit the same doctor to get it noticed. Somehow I now sense something evil behind all of this, that it is deliberate.

      My sister 8 years older diagnosed with Celiac Disease between age 60-61 as I am now, genetic, I now have it too – damaging small intestine, now gluton free diet but too late. Add the CD rash to the scabies rash covering most of my body.

      My material grandmother had shingles. I had chicken pox at age 5 immediately followed by measles. Genetic, possibly I now have shingles rash, added to the CD rash and the scabies rash.

      Rash heals some during sleep, but gets worse while using my HP Notebook to access Internet and write here. By 10am tomorrow Cox will be disconnected for Internet and TV and so I’ll no longer have access. Cox just raised its rates, another reason to dump them. My overall current rate of decline, I estimate I have a few days left. Rash is so severe I can no longer tolerate wearing clothes. Feet have swelled up – I can no longer wear shoes, then including ankles, then to top of legs – I can barely walk on legs nearly twice normal diameter.

      And, yes, those mysterious scratches have continued, perhaps just to add insult to injury.

      I’ve had bleeding stomach ulcers since age 30 in 1986, scoped a few times, repaired, got emergency blood transfusions – so many I’m nearly a vampire! Most recent time scoped, tissue so severely damaged it can no longer be repaired – several in my stomach and one in my esophagus. No more blood transfusions allowed – can’t waste precious donated blood on a person who can no longer be saved. Special diet to boost iron intake and hemoglobin production to gain me more time, but not a cure, as I slowly bleed to death internally.

      The pain became so severe past 10 days, physically stressing my gut, from the ulcers and the bizarre rashes, caused inguinal hernia – right side groin – small intestine trying to force its way out but I can presently still shove it back in pushing on the bump, waking the dead with my screams.

      Suddenly, all treatments failing, and I’m now being overtaken.

      Good this didn’t happen just over a year ago when I was still briefly homeless after losing nearly everything.

      Now I fully know how people throughout history have felt who have suffered similarly – all the way back to JOB. Wikipedia describers it accurately and briefly: “Job is presented as a good and prosperous family man who is beset with horrendous disasters that take away all that he holds dear, including his offspring, his health, and his property. He struggles to understand his situation and begins a search for the answers to his difficulties.” As for me, not just that, but the question I constantly ask: Why am I still alive? Do God’s Will? Like what for example? Has God abandoned me? Why must I suffer so much? Further seeing how millions of others suffer much worse then me (per CNN International News), I must ask if God has abandoned Earth altogether.


      • Nito_ Incog

        Fact is that they FAILED to heal your bleeding ulcers, because MD’S are clueless when it comes to HOW the human body operates. They treat symptoms and not CAUSES of symptoms. I’m possibly on the verge of death also because I can feel it, but I might last a lot longer than you, plus I finally found a holistic doctor. Do you live alone or what? I can’t imagine that you’re suffering alone? I’m so tired. I’ve been driving all day and your internet is getting shut off tomorrow. Is the reason only money? What do they charge for basic internet? I’m really feeling distressed because of your goodbye. Excuse my filthy mouth, but FUCK CNN, Fuck television. People are being brainwashed. I tossed out my TV 15 years ago and only use the internet to CHOOSE how I want to be brainwashed. FUCK doctors. They’ve never helped you before. Just treated symptoms, not the cause of symptoms. I might be wrong, but I’d like to bet they’ve never checked you for parasites or Candida Albicans. I bet they have never given you Probiotics either. I’m falling asleep. I wish we could chat more. I’d pay for your internet if it’s not outrageous. I’d send you some probiotics, I’d send you something to help with parasites, but it’s a 60 day program. WHY? I don’t know. Your description of the issues that you’re having is really getting to me. I’m confused and I’m pissed. And I’m fucking sorry. Fuck. I need to go to bed. If you want to keep the internet and can stop them from shutting it off at 10 tomorrow, I would like to help, but I don’t know how much it is. Can you get just the internet with the TV? How much is the bill? I’m pissed, I’m tired. I’m pissed at what you’re going through. Fuck. Goodnight

        PS I know a guy (demon) from Owasso Oklahoma born and raised. The things he has told me about Oklahoma makes me shudder. Especially Owasso during the years he was there. 1950 through 1972. I’m starting to believe things that I have never believed before, like demonic possessions. The children suffer the most. Goodnight. I’m so fucking tired. I took a picture of my scratches. Looks more like I was branded. I can’t find anything online that looks like it. Maybe cuz I don’t know where to look. Big Grizzly Momma Bear HUGS to you 😘😙😇😆☺😚

        On Jan 12, 2017 8:43 PM, “Lantern Timeglass Journal” wrote:

        Jim Lantern commented: “A person can SUSPECT anything without proof – just a gut feeling. BELIEVING requires only enough proof to convince self. KNOWING requires the kind of proof to convince others. I now believe my decline in health since turning age 60 5 March 2016, with fast”


    • New health plan, I’m able to return here 7 Feb 2017, but not as much writing as in past.


  3. Go in peace.


  4. Reblogged this on Let me give YOU the Moe-down and commented:
    This is very sad.


  5. I’m left speechless. My you experience a sense of peace if not now then soon.



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