Trump’s Assange Act

Trump has criticized the Obama Administration for announcing in advance what it militarily or politically plans to do to an enemy such as ISIS. During the debates, Trump criticized Clinton for announcing her plan to defeat ISIS.

Fact is, all enemies are paying attention. They watch CNN, FNC, MSNBC, and others.

Attack and defense plans should be kept secret, not announced in advance – because doing so gives an enemy time to prepare for it.

I agree with that.

Trump strongly believes it – one of his written-in-stone rules. No exceptions. However, no doubt, he is willing to take advantage of mainstream news media – most of which he has considered to be an enemy – to use them to give false and misleading information to actual enemies. Master magician – illusionist – getting them to look in one direction while he is doing something in another direction – being the art of misdirection. Consider last November when he ditched the press, sneaked out of Trump Tower to try to have a quiet family dinner out at a restaurant. Since then he has easily ditched the press several times.

Trump is good at putting on The Show for what he wants people to see and believe. He tells the press and political enemies what they want to believe – or more easily believe, and they eat it up like hungry wolves.

So the report is Trump is ditching National Security Briefings because he does not care to be bothered with it every day, and now because he does not fully trust U.S. Intelligence agencies – especially regarding the claimed hacking by Russia. Why should he? After all, the C.I.A. is an expert at telling lies, knowing an enemy is paying attention. Even so, how independent are U.S. Intelligence agencies from any administration? What if the Obama Administration is ordering them to lie to Trump.

Another possibility is Trump is in daily contact with National Security advisers, and is keeping such communications and meetings secret – another way of ditching the press – or using the press to believe otherwise – so that enemies in turn believe he isn’t taking it seriously, or does not care, or disagrees with national security reports, when in fact it is just the opposite – as a necessary precursor to planing action as soon as he takes office on 20 January 2017.

Trump’s real opinion of Putin and Russia might be quite different than what he has been saying.

It would not be a surprise if Trump were to use one of our enemies as a temporary ally to target a common enemy or another enemy. Standing with Russia against ISIS. The U.S. has done it before, during World War II, standing with Russia against Germany. Likewise China against Japan, and now the reverse is today’s reality. An enemy one day might become an ally the next day. It has happened many times throughout history.

The bottom line: What we believe we see through news media might not be what is really happening. We might not know the entire truth until it is written into history books – and even then those are not always accurate. “History is written by the victors.” – Winston Churchill. And it will state whatever they want it to state. Too often the truth is just another lie not yet found out. Trump could end up becoming the ultimate smoke and mirrors President.

Jim Lantern
Thursday morning 5 January 2017

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