Debbie Reynolds age 84 died December 28, one day after death of her daughter Carrie Fisher age 60


Excerpts from CBS News Thursday 29 December 2016…

  • Her son, Todd Fisher, told the Associated Press that Reynolds said the stress of his sister’s death on Tuesday “was too much” for Reynolds. Carrie Fisher had been hospitalized since Friday.
  • “She said, ‘I want to be with Carrie,’” her son said. “And then she was gone.”

Debbie Reynolds – Wikipedia – Filmography. I remember her most from…

  • The Unsinkable Molly Brown – 1964 – I saw that movie (about the sinking of the Titanic) in a movie theater when released in June that year, along with my parents and sister when I was age 8.
  • How the West Was Won – 1962 – I didn’t see that movie until 1970 during the summer at a drive-inn movie theater with neighbors and friends when I was age 14.

Carrie Fisher – Wikipedia. I’ve only seen her in the Star Wars movies. Same age as me (60), she was born in 1956 – her on October 21, me on March 5.

Special Report by Jim Lantern
7:00am CT Thursday, 29 December 2016

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