What to do with Christmas decoration lights after holiday? Here’s an idea!

Nothing fancy this year. Just a single strand of 150 indoor/outdoor Garland Lights, Holiday Style, green wire, multi-color bulbs. Displayed inside my bay window – best place to be seen from outside. I hung them in the shape of a Christmas tree.

I have a night light plugged into an outlet in the bathroom, and one in the kitchen, so I don’t get blinded by turning on normal lights when entering those rooms during the night. The one in the kitchen burned out Christmas Eve. Too late to get a new one, and I didn’t want to go to a store today. Sometimes I’m not the only creature looking for a snack in the kitchen during the night, so it is good to keep a night light on to avoid bumping into any of those other creatures. Therefore, an idea just came to mind.

I was going to keep the Christmas lights displayed in the bay window through New Year’s Day and then take them down January 2nd or 3rd. Out of nearly 400 apartments in the apartments complex where I live, I noticed only one other displaying Christmas lights or any other kind of decorations. So I doubt anyone will miss my tiny display taken down tonight.

I moved the strand of lights to the kitchen. Plugged into an outlet over right side of counter under a cabinet. Run up to ceiling along side of right cabinet, over sink, down side of cabinet to left of sink, then across underside to end of strand – a total of 12 feet. Plugged them in, turned out the overhead light . . . WOW!!! Of course I expected enough light to see in the kitchen at night, of which the amount is perfect, but I really didn’t expect it to look so good – the effect is amazing! I really like it, so I’m going to keep them like that instead of buying a new standard night light.

A single strand plugged in during the night does not use much electricity, so not a problem for my electric bill.

Presented by Jim Lantern
Christmas Day night, 25 December 2016

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