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An unusually warm Christmas Day 2016 here in Oklahoma

A week ago – Sunday December 18, the high was 22F, low 5F – and we had a trace of snow – 3 days before the official First Day of Winter December 21. Today, Christmas Day, the high reached 71F. Tonight’s low forecasted to be 41F.

This holiday weekend brought night and morning dense fog, which was not in the forecast until about 12 hours before it happened. We didn’t get the severe thunderstorms that were forecasted. Just a small amount of rain. However, winds gusted over 40 mph out of the SSE. Some wind damage to the apartment building to the south of the one I live in, siding on its east side blown off. There was some brief sun and clear sky during mid-afternoon between the waves of rain and mild t-showers, so children in the apartments complex – and adult children – were able to get outside to enjoy some of their Christmas gifts to be used outside – such as new bicycles. If any kids got kites . . . by now they might be in Kansas or Nebraska.

Reported by Jim Lantern in Norman Oklahoma
Christmas Day night, 25 December 2016

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