Ready for the Holiday Weekend?

You might think you are ready for Christmas, but is Christmas ready for you?

Did December 21st feel like the First Day of Winter? No. Not here. Norman Oklahoma had its first serious winter blast with a trace of snow on Saturday December 17th.

Does it feel like a holiday yet, getting into the Christmas weekend and on to the New Year’s weekend? Tomorrow being Christmas Eve day. Almost. I decorated my bedroom bay window, the most visible from outside, with a single strand of milti-colored lights wrapped in green and red foil garland. I hung bells on my front door, and an angel in my dining room window, visible from the landing at the top of the stairway. None for the French doors to my private balcony.

Yesterday, Thursday December 22nd, felt like a Saturday all day. I even watched on TV an old western movie I’d not seen before. It wouldn’t be Saturday without a good western movie on TV. Popcorn, extra butter. Small mercy I can still eat popcorn. Washed down with Dr Pepper – or rather Dr Topper – generic from Dollar General. Thursday feeling like Saturday, I wonder what Saturday will feel like. With Christmas Eve and Christmas Day on the weekend, neither during the week, there’s no holiday week warp this year. However, USPS and others will recognize Monday December 26th at the official “observed” Christmas Day, so no mail delivery that day. Likewise Monday January 2 for “observed” New Year’s day holiday.

Today is Friday December 23rd. Feels like a Friday? Perhaps. I got caught up on sleep last night, slept late, past few nights a bit rough with acid reflux the acid blocker pill failed to stop. The sound of light rain falling just before sunrise sent me drifting back to sleep for an extra hour.

Weather forecast for Christmas Eve Day here in Norman: Very comfortable partly sunny high of 64°F with wind SE at 5 to 10 mph. Christmas Eve night brings 50% chance of rain, low of 57°F with wind SSE gusting to 30 mph. Then on Christmas Day an 80% chance of thunderstorms – a few could be severe, high 65°F with wind SSW gusting to 35 mph. Clearing by Christmas Day night to a low of 37°F with wind WSW at 8 mph. Monday, the “observed” holiday, brings partly cloudy skies, high 56°F low 31°F, winds NW to NNE at about 7 mph. I’m nit sure how reliable the current forecast is for December 31 to January 2, but the present prediction is for mostly sunny highs at 51°F and lows about 32°F with SW wind at 19 mph for New Year’s Eve day, then to SSE at about 8 mph the next two days and nights.

My holiday plans? Staying in, mostly resting, continuing attempted recovery from more than one health problem, watching TV, listening to music, maybe reading a book. Twas the night before payday and all through the wallet not a dollar was stirring not even a dime. Nearly so. Ending year on about $10 or less – none saved but at least no debts. I’m fairly well stocked up on food, general supplies, meds, and other basic needs. First gas heat bill this winter is about $80 and will be due January 18th. My queen size double thick airbed died with a bank and a whimper. so I’m presently sleeping on the couch in the living room . . . have reverted the bedroom into a kind of home office and den.


I pray 2017 will be better than 2016.

Reported by Jim Lantern in Norman, Oklahoma
11:20am CT Friday, 23 December 2016

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