WordPress deletion of inactive sites? The answer…

This is something all WordPress site owners and writers need to know, so feel free to reblog this posting, or copy and paste (all or part of it) to post it yourself, or in your own words, and you don’t need to credit me for it.

For if you don’t already know the answer, I found the answer in WordPress Forums…

  • tellyworth
    Aug 8, 2008, 1:53 AM
  • We don’t delete inactive or empty blogs or accounts. The owner can. We might do something with unused blogs at some point in the future (mainly because they are hoarded by spammers), but we won’t remove a blog that has content just because the owner hasn’t posted for a while.
  • auxclass
    Dec 26, 2012, 9:30 AM
  • Current policy is your blog will last until the end of the internet or WordPress.COM which ever comes first – there is no requirement to post anything – there are many blogs from 2006 or so that only have one Post.

…Also, I thought I read somewhere about Blogger or WordPress providing an option to memorialize a blog site. I was mistaken. It is a Facebook Memorial. Excerpt…

  • Recently, Facebook has provided users with the option to “memorialize” someone’s actual personal profile.  This new setting allows for the their profile page to remain stagnant, removing sensitive portions such as contact information. In addition, the person’s profile is removed from widespread searches and becomes only accessible to friends of the deceased. This setting allows for people to still feel connected to someone after they have passed.

…It would not surprise me if Twitter eventually does something similar. However, presently, upon proper notice, they deactivate accounts of deceased or incapacitated users, or otherwise inactive abandoned accounts.

The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind…

As for WordPress, I was wondering, partly because this site is the only place where a person can read my science fiction alternate history novel – Once Upon Another Timeline – for free, and I’d like for it to remain available for as long as possible. Also, I’ve been surprised by the continued interest in some old postings, a few of which I didn’t expect to have many readers, and so I’d like for those postings, and postings I consider to be important, to be available to readers as long as possible. Therefore, I will not delete my WordPress site, and now I know it will not be deleted by WordPress, unless the police is changed. I really don’t care about my Facebook account, but I’ll leave it in place. Likewise, my Twitter account. They can be deleted when discovered to be inactive.

Based on current rate of decline, I have until April or May – when my hemoglobin count falls to 5 or less, resulting in unconsciousness, brief coma, then death – or rather departing Earth and returning home I’d prefer to say. Medically, nothing more can be done for me. Very slow internal bleeding of ulcers in stomach can no longer be repaired, like in the past when scoped. And therefore, no more blood transfusions allowed – can’t waste precious donated blood on someone who can no longer be saved. However, I’ve survived as low as 4.7 hemoglobin count and was still able to be mentally and physically active. “Normally humane life can’t exist under a hemoglobin count of 5, so right now we don’t know what is keeping you alive.” an MD told me. “Normally, when we see someone come into the emergency room with a count of 5 or less, they are already unconscious, in a coma, or dead. Here you are, up walking around, with a heavy backpack, having been homeless out in a winter blizzard.”

That was early January 1998 when I was briefly homeless. After about 25 years of full time employment, I could not get effective health care, became worse until no longer able to work, lost most everything and became homeless. I had to sink that low before I could get help previously denied, and then on disability partly got my life back. That time in January 1998, my stomach was repaired and I was given 3 pints of blood. Bleeding stomach ulcers began at age 30 in 1986. Since then I’ve been scoped 4 times, repaired 3 times. Now the tissue is worn out, and so severely damaged, it can no longer be repaired. However, a special diet to boost iron intake and increase hemoglobin production is not a cure but is helping to reduce rate of decline to give me some more time – such as perhaps 6 months instead of 3.

It is likely I will leave the Internet, terminate Cox and return the modem to them, as well as perhaps the box for CATV, probably at the end of the April 2017 billing period – if not sooner. I admit the guilty pleasure of wanting to see all of the second half of Season 7 of The Walking Dead on AMC TV from about mid-February to about mid-April 2017. It’s not the best reason or main reason for me to desire to live a bit longer, but any reason is better than none. I mainly want to see what Trump does during the first few months of his administration – and to be able to write editorial articles here about that and other subjects as long as I’m able to do so. Writing is part of my soul. Curiosity may have killed the cat (per old saying), but it is curiosity more than anything else that keeps me alive – I want to know what tomorrow will bring, for better or worse.

Reported by Jim Lantern in Norman, Oklahoma
Tuesday morning, 20 December 2016

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2 thoughts on “WordPress deletion of inactive sites? The answer…

  1. You are extraordinarily frank. I wish you good luck.


  2. You are In my prayers Jim. Blessings



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