Death of a WordPress site, or into the holiday abyss killing Stats?

9:30am CT Monday in the WordPress Twilight Zone, 19 December 2016. 

I’ve never seen Stats this low for this site, even as early as it is now. But this is a Monday! Granted, it is just 5 working days until Christmas, 4 until Christmas Eve. WordPress has made more irritating design changes again, but surely that’s not the only cause of decline. According to WordPress Stats, only 7 “Views” so far this date of posting here at Lantern Timeglass Journal. Normal on a slow day might be 10 per hour, a good day closer to 60 per hour, and an excellent day about 400 per hour. To be less than 1 per hour has never before happened – not even on a holiday.

According to StatCounter, I also use for this site, only 5 “Visitors” so far. The difference of 2 with WordPress are people using means to access Internet presently not detectable by StatCounter. Also, other undetectables by WordPress and StatCounter could increase the count, but only by a few at most – maybe to 9 or 10 for today so far. StatCounter does partly identify visitors per location. The 5 are…

  • 2 – Moscow, Moscow City, Russian Federation
  • 1 – Germany
  • 1 – Sharpsburg, Georgia, United States
  • 1 – Prescott, Arizona, United States

Where are all the readers so far today? Have they vanished from Earth? Has the Rapture started this date? – the transporting of believers to heaven at the Second Coming of Christ? Or taking the day off, sleeping late? Or off from work, already traveling for the holiday? Abducted by space aliens? Winter weather disrupting Internet access? Or so glued to watching CNN on TV for updates on the historic Electoral Votes, that they are unable to also make use of the Internet?

For comparison, 1060 “Impressions” via Twitter so far today. How many of them visited my WordPress site because of my tweets at Twitter? None so far.

5:30pm CT Update: “Your Tweets earned 7,275 impressions over the last 24 hours.” Twitter. WordPress Stats, 26 Views since midnight. StatCounter, 22 Visitors since midnight – lowest count in the history of this site. Highest has been about 7000 between sunrise and sunset.

Reported by Jim Lantern in Norman, Oklahoma
Monday morning, 19 December 2016

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