Windows 10 goes from SNAFU to FUBAR and Microsoft Edge was FUBAR from birth!

Cox Communications is my source for CATV and Internet at home. Each month I’ve been doing “one-time” online payments of my paperless bill with my VISA debit card. Earlier this month when I tried to do the usual payment, I got a System Error notice as if it were a problem with the Cox website or their online payment system. Even so, I checked with the bank I use – neither the bank nor VISA rejected the payment.

Now their website is showing this notice…

“Windows 10 Connectivity Problem. A problem unrelated to the Cox network is resulting in an Internet connection problem affecting Windows 10 computers currently. View more details to learn how to fix this issue.”

…Apparently the cause of the Error Notice when I attempted one-time payment online with my VISA debit card. The recommended fix does not work and is absurd to begin with – doing a restart as recommended can’t fix a Windows 10 flaw.

Also, I discovered Restart no longer works – goes into repair steps and then fails – trapped in a kind of loop, a new Windows 10 problem that began recently within past month. I can only power down and then start again, but it does not and can’t fix the problem. Microsoft must do the fix, and the problem was caused by too many Windows Updates and a flawed Windows Update for Windows 10 – according to various news sources.*

Therefore, I’ve switched to getting a paper bill after the problem was discovered, and I will stay with getting a paper bill in US Mail and then paying with a personal check.

My HP Notebook came with Windows 10 and the new Microsoft Edge browser. It is the worst browser I’ve ever tried to use, and it could not be used for writing my editorial articles at WordPress – resulting in a noticeable time delay between clicking on a keyboard letter and it showing up on the screen – from here to there then back to screen, like sending a message to the moon: About a second and a half – 1.50 seconds, then it takes another 1.5 to come back, so 3 seconds of delay total.

I switched to Google Chrome browser. I can’t change to Google Chrome Operating System on this HP Notebook – easier and less expensive to just buy a new Chromebook.

I had to shut off Windows Updates. My HP Notebook worked flawlessly when I first started using it. Then with each new Windows Update – sneak downloads of apps I don’t need or want, problems began.

It got so bad that the local library switched all of its computers from Windows 10 over to Chrome.

I was being pestered by Microsoft claiming my HP Notebook is low on memory, when I still had several GB of available storage/memory. Apart from those irritating notices, another source was making the same false claim and offering to do a fix. Turned out to be a bug. I installed AVG Anti-Virus free version to remove it. Then AVG became the greater problem by falsifying threats to try to get me to upgrade to the pro version – not free, so I had to remove AVG to end the harassment – plus to stop AVG from sneaking on downloads of apps I don’t need or want. Worse than being spammed. Spam would only tell me about the product, but this was like jamming it down my throat while asleep at night. Sometimes those who provide security are also the threat – food for thought following Election 2016!

The bottom line is Windows 10 interfered with me paying Cox.

* – Others are having different problems, For example…

Windows 10 update stops computers accessing the internet.” – METRO, 13 December 2016.

Reported by Jim Lantern
Tuesday night, 13 December 2016

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