Tears of Joy – “Hearts Still Beating” – The Walking Dead 7×08 Mid-Season Final repeats tonight Tue Dec 13 at 11pm CT on AMC

Last Sunday night was the best episode of all time of The Walking Dead, with the best ever episode ending, the best ever mid-season final ending – surviving characters reunited, the ending could have been titled “Tears of Joy” – a feel good happy ending, which is a rarity…

…It repeats tonight at 11:00pm CT 12:00pm ET – Tuesday 13 December 2016, and I will watch it again. A longer than usual episode at 85 minutes.

  • Jesus rescued Daryl from The Saviors, just as I’d predicted.
  • Negan returned Carl to Alexandra, which surprised me.
  • Negan killing Spencer for Spencer asking Negan to kill Rick so Spencer could take over Alexandra, did not surprise me.
  • Rick got back his will to fight – no longer broken by Negan. I didn’t expect that until the end of this season 7.
  • Main characters (still alive) have been reunited.
  • An alliance is to be formed between Alexandra, Hilltop, and The Kingdom to fight Negan and the Saviors – coming up in the second half of Season 7, starting February 19.

Here is the scene in Episode 1 Season 1 that sold me ton the series. I wasn’t really expecting serious drama with outstanding dramatic acting for this kind of story and series. However bizarre the scene is, in an odd way it somehow touches the soul…

Then the Season 1 final episode made The Walking Dead my number 1 favorite TV show of all time. Until 7×08 it was my favorite episode of all seasons so far. Doctor Jenner at the CDC in Atlanta explains the zombie virus with some excellent video special effects. This bit of medical science made the story more believable. Here is the scene that did it for me…

…It impressed the real CDC so much that they…

Are you ready for the Zombie Apocalypse?

ABC News Interview of Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan).


Tonight, a good night for TV:

  • 7:00pm CT – NBC – The Voice – 1 hour review.
  • 8:00pm CT – NBC – The Voice – Live 2 hour season final, winner revealed!
  • 10:00pm CT – USA – Incorporated – Episode 2 repeated [I missed it before].
  • 11:00pm CT – AMC – The Walking Dead – Season 7 Episode 8 repeat – 85 minutes, mid-season final.

Review by Jim Lantern
Tuesday night, 13 December 2016

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