What in WordPress design change hell have they done now?

I posted earlier today. No Problem.

I came back from the dead about 8 hours later – now. WHAM! New WordPress design changes?

At first I thought I was signed out – happens from time to time. No. Not signed out. Partly looks like it does when signed out. Sometimes WordPress signs me out as a kind of security check for me to sign back in. Meantime, God nearly signed me out earlier today.

Stats missing from top bar. Reader still there. No drop-down to WP Admin from “My Site” on top bar. But I can click on it, get a menu, scroll down to bottom, access Admin.

Still not sure what happened to stats.

No notice from WordPress about any new changes.

Is it WordPress? Apparently.

Even so, Windows 10 has almost completely gone to hell – Microsoft making news for having screwed it up, going from SNAFU to FUBAR. So bad the local library changed all of its computer terminals overt to Chrome Operating System from Windows 10, and is using Chrome browser. The new Microsoft Edge browser is the worst browser ever created. I’m using Chrome browser on my HP Notebook, bypassing Microsoft Edge. I can’t replace Windows 10 with Chrome OS – and less expensive to just buy a new Chromebook. My HP Notebook is on its deathbed, just as I am nearly so.

I had a very good day yesterday – Sunday December 11 – felt well enough to get a lot accomplished, caught up on some needs. Also good, The Walking Dead mid-season final last night turned out to be the best episode ever.

I should fear good days. The pendulum usually swings the other way and with a vengeance. Like for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. A good day guarantees a bad day. Better to stay in the middle with average days so as not to experience fluctuations and extremes.

I did sleep better than usual last night too. Morning wasn’t bad. Got a few items over at Dollar General. Began to go downhill after that. Worse than usual stomach ulcer pain. No clue why. Suddenly tired, ended up on the couch with the TV on to a movie. Drifted off. Awakened to severe coughing. Comparable to acid reflux, blood from stomach got into my lungs. Took an hour to get it all out. Nearly drowned in my own blood.

Special diet to boost iron intake and in turn hemoglobin production is helping. Ongoing blood loss from stomach ulcers can no longer be stopped. Difference, rate of loss, rate of decline, estimate I have 5 to 6 months left. No point in calling 911/EMS for trip to hospital. Medically, nothing more can be done for me. Not a bad way to go. When hemoglobin count falls below 5 then I become unconscious, briefly go into a coma, and then die. No fear – I’m confident about the spiritual life after this physical life.

I’ll keep Internet and CATV at home as long as possible, and continue posting here as long as I’m able to do so. If my HP Notebook bites the dust, and I don’t buy a Chromebook, then I’ll terminate Internet service but keep CATV until my departure from Earth.

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5 thoughts on “What in WordPress design change hell have they done now?

  1. “No fear – I’m confident about the spiritual life after this physical life.”

    Well, I continue to pray for a miracle and some unexpected healing. I don’t think you should be allowed to escape this planet quite so easily. 🙂

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    • Worst case scenario, I get reincarnated to be a WordPress Happiness Engineer.

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    • Drop-down menus are gone from top bar. I just found Stats listed on menu after clicking on My Site. Clicking on Reader does not take me to Reader like before but to a menu to get to it.

      Microsoft went crazy with the Windows 10 Updates, making it nearly useless now. Restart has been disabled. A glitch in Windows 10 identified by Cox is preventing online payments like with VISA debit card for Internet and CATV, so I’m back to paper bill now and paying with personal check. It’s happening to most Windows 10 users.

      Although there are more important reasons to stay alive, the mid-season final of The Walking Dead last night was so good it blew away my tombstone – I MUST live to see the second half of season 7 starting February 19.

      Also, seriously, considering new developments, I’m beginning to wonder if the election will be overturned. Just when I thought I fully understood the electoral system, comes the news it’s not yet a done deal. Recount failed. Now it’s Russian hacking being used to try to get electoral voters to change their votes from Trump to Clinton. If that were to actually happen… enemies need not nuke the US, because the resulting riots will get the job done.

      The story about China threatening with a nuclear bomber is a pants on fire story – Popular Mechanics has exposed the truth about the old pathetic bomber used – had no nukes, can’t carry them.

      So I’m a die hard news junkie with a need to write. Not yet a ghost writer.

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  2. Prayers for you Jim

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  3. God bless you with His healing touch and the comfort of His Spirit!

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