“What happened to the American dream? It came true. Your lookin’ at it.”

Or maybe the “American dream” became the American scream.

The title quote is at the end of the following scene in the 2009 movie Watchmen

…The character asking the question is Nite Owl II played by Patrick Wilson. The character repeating the question and providing the answer is The Comedian played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan – who now plays the character Negan on The Walking Dead AMC TV series.

When Donald Trump takes office 20 January 2017, he plans to federalize the police to become a national police force, given more powers, and provided military weapons, “to make America safe again” he has repeatedly promised. If he keeps that promise, will the result be peace or more violence?

Watchmen is one of my favorite movies involving alternate history…


Editorial Article by Jim Lantern
Saturday afternoon, 10 December 2016

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