BRAVO!!! Excellent Mid-Season Final of The Walking Dead Season 7

I just watched the best ever mid-season final of The Walking Dead – as well as being better than the ending of any complete season so far. Finally a feel-good happy ending. Then also with a bit of mystery in last few seconds after a short commercial break – the revelation someone is watching them. Friend or foe? All that is revealed are the person’s boots, same boots of the mysterious person earlier – apparently followed Rick to Hilltop.

Jesus rescued Daryl from The Saviors, just as I’d predicted.

Negan returned Carl to Alexandra, which surprised me.

Negan killing Spencer for Spencer asking Negan to kill Rick so Spencer could take over Alexandra, did not surprise me.

Rick got back his will to fight – no longer broken by Negan. I didn’t expect that until the end of this season 7. Main characters (still alive) have been reunited. An alliance is to be formed between Alexandra, Hilltop, and The Kingdom to fight Negan and the Saviors – coming up in the second half of Season 7, starting February 19.


ABC News Interview of Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan).

Review by Jim Lantern
Sunday night, 11 December 2016

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