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Before Negan’s bizarre humor on The Walking Dead, thanks to actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan, he was The Comedian of Watchmen!

Special short review: Comparing Negan of Walking Dead to The Comedian of Watchmen – both excellent acting by Jeffrey Dean Morgan…

Have you been enjoying the unusual sense of humor The Walking Dead Season 7 character Negan has?


Before actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan


began playing Negan,


back in 2009 he was The Comedian aka Edward Morgan Blake,


a vigilante of Watchmen.


One of my favorite movies involving alternate history.

Watch Jeffery Dean Morgan as The Comedian in the scenes of the following two excerpts from Watchmen…

Playing this kind of character isn’t new to Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and there are similarities…

The last few seconds of the following video of Negan on The Walking Dead are funny…

Excellent acting by an excellent actor!

At Twitter…

Jeffrey Dean MorganVerified account


Official account of Jeffrey Dean Morgan


ABC News Interview of Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Review by Jim Lantern
Saturday afternoon, 10 December 2016

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