Eat By Date – Holiday Food, Health and Safety

Thanksgiving is over. You’re still alive, more or less. With Christmas, and parties for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day on the radar, “Eat By Date” might be a concern for some things, including food. This does not apply to visiting aliens eating humans.

Best advice: Eat the food before the food eats you.

I just found an excellent website with an internal search for specific foods to find out about sell by dates, best by dates, use by dates, and eat by dates.

It of course is Eat By Date.

I have Strawberry Cream Cake from the bakery at Homeland Grocery Store. The sell by date is yesterday – I bought the day before that, but kept in refrigerator I still have another day or two to eat it and then give any left over to the birds.

Living single, the problem I run into is stores packaging foods more for families than individuals – meaning, too much for me to eat by myself before the expiration date of the food.

As for Fruit Cake, it will still be safe to eat after the sun burns out. Concerns today include weaponized Fruit Cake – but maybe it could be used to kill members of ISIS. Also, Fruit Cake ending up in outer space where it can become like asteroids threatening other worlds.

A related subject, healthy food – nuts. The following article is certainly true, and what it recommends is what I do…

A handful of nuts a day keeps the doctor away: study” – NY daily News, 6 Dec 2016.


Also on the menu…

Reported by Jim Lantern

Tuesday morning, 6 December, 2016

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