Dangerous creatures seen in fog, Norman Oklahoma, Monday morning 5 December 2016

Without doubt, my opinion anyway from what I’ve observed during the past 8 years living here, Norman Oklahoma has the worst drivers in the known universe. Not looking where they are going, blowing through stop signs, exceeding speed limit, blocking crosswalks when waiting to turn. Now, clearly exceeding speed limit in this morning’s fog. Even worse, exceeding speed limit in the street constructions areas where there is notice of reduced speed down to one lane each direction along West Lindsey from McGee to 24th SW. Fog in construction area makes it much worse. Also, some drivers are using the apartments complex where I live as a high speed shortcut from West Lindsey north to West Brooks east of 24th SW.

Dense Fog Advisory to 9am. Now 8:00am. Extra dangerous in street, highway, bridge, and waterway construction areas West Lindsey and I-35, visibility about 100 feet along West Lindsey from McGee to 24th SW, and over to nearby state highway 9 at I-35, in SW Norman, Oklahoma. It’s a biting cold penetrating clothing and lungs breathing the fog at 32F.

Reported by Jim Lantern in Norman Oklahoma
Monday morning, Fifth Day of December, 2016

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