Countdown to Christmas 2016

Christmas Countdown Clock at Time and Date for Oklahoma City – recognized my location – nearest major city they list, although I live in Norman about 30 miles to the south of OKC. If your location is not automatically recognized, enter it at Time and Date.

At the time I’m writing this, about 10:30am CT Saturday 3 December 2016, there are 21 days, 13 hours, 30 minutes until arrival of Christmas at 12:00am CT Sunday 25 December 2016. I tend to count Christmas eve, from about sunset on the 24th, so I’d shave off about 7 hours from the countdown. Except for families with kids getting up before the crack of dawn, some adults sleep late and count the arrival when they finally awaken and start the day, which could add 8 to 10 hours to the countdown. To midnight, about 517 hours, or 517 bells…

Getting further into the mood, may include the countdown until the angels sing…

Mix in some Joy…

Put up the tree and get comfortable by it…

Maybe mix in drums…

Maybe we’ll have some snow…

Special mention for getting some rest Christmas Eve into Christmas Day- this video with excellent Christmas pictures art…

May it be a magic night…

Maybe a special visitor during the night? The way Shakira sings it will melt the snow…


Reported by Jim Lantern, resident of Norman Oklahoma
Saturday, Third Day of December, 2016

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