Bedlam 2016: Oklahoma State University at Oklahoma University in Norman

From TV Guide online…

Oklahoma State Cowboys at Oklahoma Sooners

Oklahoma State at Oklahoma, 11:30 AM CT on FOX-KOKH 12, 3 hours 30 minutes
  • Oklahoma State at Oklahoma. The Big 12 title is on the line in this 111th edition of Bedlam, with both teams entering at 9-2 as they wrap up league play. RBs Joe Mixon and Samaje Perine combined for 267 yards and 4 TDs in a 58-23 OU victory last season.

Weather: Light rain all day, high 47F, low 41F, average wind E at 9 – 11:30am game start 95% chance of rain, 46F, wind E at 8 – estimated game end time 3:00pm 70% to 85% chance of rain, 46F, wind ENE 8 to 10 – Sunset at 5:17pm, 65% light rain, 45F, wind ENE at 9.

Parking has always been a serious problem for sports events here in Norman, especially the football games, and bad enough all year for students and visitors. This problem includes parking scams – those selling parking spaces they have no legal right to sell, and at least one towing business likely getting kickbacks from people tricking visitors into parking where not allowed – although some visitors do so anyway and then suffer the consequences of a massive fine and towing fee to get their vehicles back. It’s worse for larger newer expensive vehicles including pickup trucks targeted by the towing vultures. Some small and older 2-door cars are sometimes ignored. My opinion is a law should be passed to require all universities to provide enough parking for students, staff, and visitors – including for sports events, all year long. No one should have to park over a mile from a university or stadium.

There’s also the usual vultures selling tickets on street corners.

I read that of the 1800 tickets for OSU fans, 1000 were returned. The two main reasons include (1) OSU has fewer fans than OU, and (2) OSU fans are regularly harassed and attacked by OU fans when the Bedlam game is here in Norman. Students who do that should be kicked out of college, and residents who do that should be fined first offense and get jail time for second offense. This problem is worse for OSU fans in Norman when OSU wins the game here in Norman rather than when OU plays at OSU in Stillwater.

I’ll watch the game on TV.

Reported by Jim Lantern, resident of Norman Oklahoma
Saturday, Third Day of December, 2016

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