All day rain hasn’t kept me in this Saturday 3 December 2016

Yes, it is to rain all day this Saturday, but at least wind is nearly calm and it’s really not too cold. About 45F now – nearly a half hour before the start of the Bedlam football game on FOX TV, Oklahoma State University here in Norman to battle Oklahoma University.

I was going to stay in today, having got all needed shopping done yesterday. I might venture over to Walmart tomorrow around lunchtime – I still need to buy some winter boots! As for today, with light rain coming down, I wore a coat and walked over to Dollar General. I intended to look at DVD movies for sale, but found none of interest to me with most of the display sold out. Maybe I’ll find something at Walmart tomorrow.

While at Dollar General I stocked up on more Swiss Miss hot cocoa mix with marshmallows. I bought a 16 oz plastic bottle of Hiland Chocolate Milk for $1.35 – has 16g protein, and it helped my energy while reducing stomach ulcer pain triggered by the walk – I drank some of it on the way home. I usually buy one of those for the return trip home on my bicycle from Homeland grocery store or Walmart. It’s a crazy meal day anyway, deviled eggs (far from being redeemed) and a slice of watermelon for brunch – I bought one of those small seedless ones about a quarter to half of the size of a normal watermelon.

Also while at Dollar General today, I bought an umbrella for the walk home, which turned out to be a good decision as the rain started coming down harder. I normally don’t use umbrellas because of the wind problem here and unusable while riding my bicycle – but good for walking when wind is low. Otherwise I might wear a rain poncho for being out in heavy rain. My prescription eyeglasses bought in 2001 are a bit worn out, so I also bought one of those cheap pair of reading glasses for $6 – found a pair good for reading books, as well as using the keyboard and my HP Notebook.


Jim Lantern, Personal Journal
Saturday, Third Day of December, 2016

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