I was at Homeland grocery store recently stocking up on food for the coming arctic blast. Standing in front of the milk display checking the specials, I overheard a mother talking to her daughter to my left in front of the display of eggs. ‘We’ll make deviled eggs today.” the mother told her daughter.

My jaw about hit the floor. WOW! That really sounded good. I’d not had those for a very long time. When my mother was still alive, she made them for all holidays and special occasions, and they were one of my favorites.

Not too keen on making them myself now, I walked over to the deli area, found a prepackaged tray of them on the shelves…


…And found the price to be a very stimulating $10, but bought them anyway. A one-time special treat. No expiration date on them, so I hope they stay good in my refrigerator until I finish eating all them, so that they don’t end up eating me.

All this excitement causes an amusing story to come to mind from the depths of memory.

First half of 1989, I lived and worked in Austin Texas. Some friends of mine in nearby Round Rock Texas started New Hearts Christian Center. On Easter Sunday that year I and others were water-baptized the old fashioned way by our pastor in Brushy Creek of Round Rock Memorial Park. The Sunday before that, members were to tell the pastor what beverages and foods they would bring to the park event – like a covered dish deal – one bringing enough for all or several members. So one lady stood up in church and told the pastor,”I’ll bring the deviled eggs.” With a look of obvious faked horror, the pastor replied, “DEVILED eggs? Think maybe this time we can get some REDEEMED eggs?”

Thus began the great save the eggs campaign. Not water-baptized. Just hard-boiled.

Food for Thought Humor by Jim Lantern
Friday, Second Day of December, 2016

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