Happy First Day of December 2016

Twas the night before payday and all through the wallet not a dollar was stirring not even a dime. Tomorrow, December 2, will be a major shopping day for me.

Cold, nearly calm wind, clear sky – sunny. The forecast for Norman Oklahoma has changed, again.Rain starting about 3pm tomorrow afternoon, so I better have my shopping done by then. Rain through Saturday, partly sunny Sunday, rain returning Monday. My gas heat gets turned back on Monday morning. Next full moon will be the 14th, and the official First Day of Winter will be the 21st. But when will the first snow here be? I don’t have a prediction for that yet. I’ve no special plans for the holidays, Christmas Eve through New Year’s Day.

This First Day of December in 2016 is a Thursday. My thoughts on that. I wish it were a Friday! Certainly feels like it should be.

I found a music video titled December by Collective Soul that sounds good…

Good movie on Grit TV this afternoon. TV Guide online listing…


1:30 PM CT on GRIT 218, 2 hr 30 min 1965
  • The efforts of a Virginia farmer (James Stewart) to keep his family out of the Civil War. Rosemary Forsyth, Glenn Corbett. Boy: Philip Alford. Sam: Doug McClure. Henry: Tim McIntire. Nathan: Charles Robinson. Carter: James Best. John: James McMullan. Gabriel: Eugene Jackson Jr. Nicely acted. Andrew V. McLaglen directed.

I had to delay this posting, hold it in drafts, to fight off an attack by Microsoft. My HP Notebook came with the horrible Microsoft Edge browser, which has a truckload of problems – and just as irritating as those is the constant harassment to do upgrades to fix them. I finally figured out how to block the updates notices. It’s too slow for use with WordPress, so I’m using Google’s Chrome Browser. As result, Microsoft Edge detects it and sometimes harasses me by falsely claiming Chrome is causing my HP Notebook to run low on memory so I need to shut down Chrome. To eliminate the notice I have to do a restart. Also, Microsoft threatened to close my Microsoft account if I were to continue using Google Search instead of BING, so I’ve switched as much as possible over to Google. I’m not a big fan of Google, but at least they are not making threats against me like Microsoft has.

The local housing authority, associated with HUD, is demanding the annual renewal this month instead of February – my lease ending February 28, which is a mistake because what they are demanding can’t be provided until January [my disability benefits changed by 2017 cost of living increase] and February [when I sign new lease with the private landlord]. My case has been misfiled before in the wrong month folder, which was corrected last time, but this time they are unwilling to admit the mistake and correct it. Most people in city level government jobs are bullies engaging in abuse of power, gross misconduct, and gross incompetence. I’ve told them I’m withdrawing from the rent aid at end of current lease. My budget will be tighter but I can live without it anyway. My landlord will renew without a 2017 rent increase, and we have agreed to go month-to-month instead of a new one-year lease.

This is likely my final December on this world. When I was last scoped in September 2015, the doctors told me my stomach and esophagus can no longer be repaired because of how severely deteriorated the internal tissue is. No longer possible to repair the bleeding ulcers by normal methods such as cauterizing or patching, but a special kind of diet was prescribed and it has been helping some to delay the inevitable.

I’m not allowed to get more blood transfusions because it would be a waste of precious blood on a patient who can’t be saved. I’m like a glass with a hole in it, so no point to keep putting water in it when the hole can’t be fixed and it will eventually drain out. Present rate of decline gives me an estimate of 5 to 6 months to live, ten at most, or much less than 5 months if there are any new health setbacks to make it worse. A recent brutal attack by unusual mites damaging my skin and vital organs lasted two months and nearly finished me off, but it appears I’ve finally won that war.

Presently, I figure I’m losing close to a pint of blood per month, but my body is replacing half of that, and I’m modifying the prescribed diet to try to improve hemoglobin production. A good hemoglobin count for me would be 12 to 14. I was at a 10 after the final blood transfusion of 2 pints in September 2015, and was an 8 when I went into the hospital for the anemia and bleeding stomach ulcers.

When my hemoglobin count falls below 5, then I’ll become unconscious – wherever I happen to be at the moment and whatever I happen to be doing. Then fall into a coma. Finally death. Not a bad way to go. Peaceful. No pain. As long as I can drink milk I can stop the pain of the ulcers easily enough. I have great confidence about the spiritual life after this present physical life, so no fear about my departure from Earth. There’s none of the emotional situational kind of depression, and physical depression is under control by controlling my hypoglycemia via proper beverages and foods. Glucose is brain fuel. Depressed with low glucose, slightly manic with high glucose.

I asked God to let me live long enough to vote in Election 2016, and then witness the initial results in history – the inauguration on January 20 and beginning of the Trump Administration – what he actually does to try to improve everything.

Sunday 5 March 2017 will be my 61st birthday.

Reported by Jim Lantern
Thursday morning, First Day of December, 2016

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