BRAVO TRUMP! Ohio Rally Thursday night 1 December 2016

The United States of American has never had a President like Trump.

President-Elect Donald Trump gave the best speech of his political career so far, tonight Thursday 1 December 2016 in Ohio – at a victory rally to thank Ohio voters. Then it was much more than that. It had elements of the excellent Thanksgiving holiday address to help unite the country. It was so good it got me out of my recliner chair, up on my feet, standing in front of the TV. It was a flawless speech, personalized in a way only Trump can accomplish.

Tonight, Trump put the final nail in the coffin of the old ways of government and politics. 20 January 2017 the sun will rise on a new kind of government, new kind of politics, and a better country under President Trump.

For a long time, I favored the idea of putting a businessman (or businesswoman) in the White House instead of a traditional politician. As the battles for who would be the GOP nominee unfolded, I believed Trump is not the right businessman for the job. Events since Trump became President-Elect, events today, and tonight’s Ohio rally speech proved I was mistaken and that he is actually better than the kind of businessman I had in mind for the job. If I were to die tonight, instead of soon after witnessing the first 90 days of Trump in office, then I could die knowing our country will be in good hands. Already, Trump is on the right track. I predict he will ultimately win over most of the people who have opposed him, except perhaps for some of the stubborn news media, to become the most effective and most popular President in U.S. history. I’m at 100% now – no more concerns or doubts about Trump.

Yes, I will die in a few months, but I ask readers to not feel bad about it because it is not a bad way to go and I’ve accepted it. Bleeding ulcers in stomach and esophagus can no longer be repaired. I can knock down the pain easily enough without drugs – amazingly drinking whole milk is very effective. I can delay the inevitable with special diet, but eventually it will fail. No more blood transfusions allowed – such precious blood can’t be wasted on a patient who can no longer be saved – like not putting more water in a glass that has a hole in it and can’t be repaired. When my hemoglobin count falls to 5 from the 12-14 I would normally be at in good health, I will lose consciousness, then slip into a coma briefly, and then die. No concerns about what happens next, I’m confident about the spiritual life that will follow my departure from this world. As a patriot, I asked God to let me live long enough to vote in Election 2016 and then to witness the initial resulting events in 2017. I will continue to write about Trump and relating issues as long as possible, as well as a variety of other kinds of subjects here at Lantern Timeglass Journal. This site will remain in place for as long as WordPress allows it after it stops being active – for perhaps at least a year. I thank all who have taken the time to read my editorial articles. Especially the lengthy ones! Writing has always been part of my identity – my soul. 

By the way, via Twitter – I liked and retweeted this one…

BREAKING: Trump nominates James “Mad Dog” Mattis to be the next Secretary of Defense! We’re coming ISIS!


Reported by Jim Lantern
Thursday night of the First Day of December, 2016

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