Monday 28 November 2016

National? No, it’s interstellar! Aliens travel all the way to Earth just to enjoy the flavor of French Toast.

I frequently have French Toast with my syrup.

Good to sometimes include toppings of egg and sausage done like pizza toppings.

Cover with apple jelly if not syrup.

I lost my sense of taste for most foods recently due to a health problem – making most meats taste like mud and cardboard – but just got my sense of taste back for sausage wrapped in pancake on a a stick like corn dogs, and taste good dipped in butter and syrup.

Had some fun at Twitter with this…

Love the flavor! I frequently have French Toast with my syrup. Good to put egg & sausage toppings on like a pizza.

Rich Homie Chris Retweeted Jim Lantern.

No offense Jim but are you an alien because the way this is written seems like a smoking gun to me.

Lucky guess! National? No, Interstellar French Toast Day! Aliens travel to Earth just for the unique flavor of the French.

…Yes, wrap a big slice of toast around a French person, add syrup. A favorite of aliens. Kinda like…

Special Report by Jim Lantern for the Interstellar Trading News Network [ITNN]
Monday, 28 November 2016

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