Breaking News: Ohio State University – Active Shooter 10:50am ET – Updates…


Monday 28 November 2016

9:50am CT – 10:50am ET

Active shooter reported at Ohio State University. Not caught yet. Not described or identified yet. Reason not known yet.

Columbus Ohio Fire Department reports 7 people shot – of which 2 are in stable condition.

FBI has arrived. ATF en route.

SWAT team activated.

I’m monitoring live coverage on CNN on TV.

This report will be added to, edited, and updated.

Breaking News Reported and Updated by Jim Lantern
Monday, 28 November 2016


10:00am CT – 11:00am ET. 8 people sent to hospital. 1 of the 8 is in critical condition.

Students being ordered to “Run, hide, fight!”

Shooter at OSU Watts Hall.

LIVE streaming online on WBNS TV News

10:08am CT 11:08am ET…

“Red SUV rammed Chemical Engineering Building – one person jumped out with a knife, second person with a gun.”

Now two people in handcuffs, taken out of parking garage. Not certain yet if they are the attackers.

10:11am CT 11:11am ET…

“One suspect shot dead.” per police, reported on WBNS.

10:19am CT 11:19am ET…

CFD; “9 shooting victims to hospitals, shooter killed..” CPD: “Second suspect being hunted.”

WBNS live streaming. CNN and Fox News back on Trump. MSNBC still covering OSU shootings live coverage.

ATF has now arrived.

Neighboring schools locked down.

10:29am CT 11:29 ET…

The red SUV that crashed into the Chemical Engineering Building caused a chlorine leak – fire alarm then polled there, before shootings began.

Fox News on Cuba, CNN back on OSU shootings, MSNBC still covering it, LIVE streaming on WBNS

4 victims stable. 10th victim being treated at OSU for injury. Law enforcement has shot and killed one suspect, is looking for second suspect.

All classes canceled now at OSU – shelter in place has surprisingly been lifted.

News conference – media briefing – there soon.

10:45am CT 11:45am ET…

Witness at Watts Hall – interviewed on WBNS – claims no gun shots. Said he saw SUV continued, ran over victims.

Hospital reporting 4 of 8 victims are gunshot wounds.

Several people attacked with a knife.

11:15am CT 12:15pm ET…

Speculation no second shooter or no second attacker, but police/SWAT uncertain of that yet. With 3 kinds of victims – gunshot wounds, knife wounds, and ran over by SUV, more than one attacker is more likely.

WBNS still live streaming reporting. CNN, MSNBC, Fox News no longer covering it – back on Trump.

11:55am CT 12:55pm ET…

From live news conference: Attacker ran over pedestrians with SUV. Police reported shots fired. Attacker fired shots hitting 4 victims. Attacker then used a butcher knife on some victims. Cop then shot attacker, killing him. No second attacker. It is over. 9 people to hospitals, 1 critical.

However, reason for it and attacker ID not yet reported. Another news conference later today will report more. This will be updated here when those questions are answered – who and why…

12:20pm CT 1:20pm ET…

Now all sources backing off on claim of gun shots and gunshot victims. The claim now is some victims ran over with SUV and then other victims attacked with a butcher knife. No gun. Attacker refused to drop knife so copy shot and killed him. Still awaiting ID and reason why. However, terrorism is now being considered because of history of some terrorist attacking with vehicles and then using knives.

1:40pm CT 2:40pm ET…

CNBC: “The dead attacker was believed to be an Ohio State student — a Somali refugee who lived near campus, NBC News reported. It said he was a legal permanent resident of the U.S.”

2:40pm CT 3:40pm ET…

Abdule Razak Ali Artan age 18 or age 20, Somali male refugee, US citizen, attacker at Ohio State University shot and killed by police. Motive still not clear.


Photo from “The Lantern” – Ohio State University newspaper.

5:00pm CT 6:00pm ET…

At his Facebook, attacker expressed concerns about attacks on Muslims. So, there you have it.


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