Who in The Walking Dead will bite the zombie dust next?

Chandler Riggs, who plays Carl on The Walking Dead, has been accepted to Auburn University. Even so, he could travel the 4-5 hour drive from there to where the show is filmed in Georgia to stay involved – although perhaps not as much as he has been. His father posted a tweet at Twitter, then quickly deleted, about Chandler having completed his 7-year contract. If the show continues to follow the comics version, then Carl will continue to be a prime character.

At the end of the episode last Sunday November 20, Carl appeared to be going on a suicide mission. He had headed out to find and kill Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). On the way, he encountered Enid (Katelyn Nacon), had his first kiss with her, and then they went their separate ways. When Jesus (Tom Payne) jumped in the back of one of the Saviors trucks en route to their hideout, apparently on a similar mission, he was surprised to find Carl hiding there as well. Jesus has a better chance of succeeding and surviving, as well as escaping if caught, because of his unique skills almost making him appear to be an illusionist or magician. That in mind, I suspect Jesus will play a role in the rescue of Daryl, to help him escape. I predict Daryl will get his crossbow and motorcycle back.

If the show decides to follow the comics version, then Negan will try to mentor Carl. So I can see the possibility that Carl does not engage in a head on sneak attack, but offers to join Negan as a means to get close to him – to wait for the right opportunity to kill him. I can see him convincing Negan by complaining about his weak father and praising Negan for being a strong leader – to appeal to Negan’s grossly inflated ego. For Carl to then be less seen while Chandler attends Auburn, I can see Negan sending Carl on a special mission to prove himself, which could take weeks to months to complete – to explain Carl’s absence for several episodes or seasons – like the initial participation of Lennie James as Morgan Jones. Maybe something like in the Wizard of OZ, to “Bring me the broom of the wicked witch.” Such a quest might fit Carl. More likely to be someone’s head Negan wants.

Corey Hawkins, who plays Heath, could depart the series, simply for lack of time to remain in it. He will star in the 2017 movie “King: Skull Island” in post-production, and the 2017 TV series “24: Legacy” as Eric Carter. Perhaps as busy as Chandler Riggs going off to college.

Everything being down by Spencer Monroe recently, all wrong, indicates he is headed down Dead Man Road. If following the comics version, then he will be killed by Negan by having his guts ripped out instead of getting his head bashed in. However, actor Austin Nichols does not appear to have any other jobs line up yet.

Rick lost control because he became overconfident and underestimated Negan – and discovering too late that the Saviors have strength in numbers. Will Rick ever regain control? I doubt it – not directly. I predict Negan’s ego and overconfidence will be his undoing, but not directly because of anyone at Alexandria, Hilltop, or The Kingdom. I predict a new force or group will soon be introduced – this season 7 – maybe in tonight’s episode November 27, which could be a key turning point. The 91 minutes episode of December 4 will reveal more about Negan and the Saviors. I predict it is a new force or group or society that will play a role somehow resulting in Negan making a fatal mistake. If something happens to Negan, then those in rank under him might end up splitting up the Saviors to go their separate ways. If Negan is gone and the Saviors split up, then Rick might regain some control. I likewise predict Maggie Green, played by Lauren Cohan, will take control of Hilltop away from Gregory, played by Xander Berkeley.

Article by Jim Lantern
Sunday, 27 November 2016

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