Regarding Melania Trump’s choice, I believe Tradition should not go against Common Sense!

So Melania Trump decided to keep her son in school where he is, to continue living at Trump Tower, until the end of school, and then move her and her son to The White House to live as First Lady with President Donald Trump.

That’s good common sense.

Tradition is for First Ladies and children to immediately move into The White House same time as the Father and President.

It’s no wonder that some people demanding tradition lack common sense. Most of them are crybabies on the losing side – not just Liberal and Progressive Democrats. There’s some die hard traditionalists on the far right too. Isn’t that one of the things Trump got elected to put an end to? No more business as usual. Even so, some traditions are good when not going against common sense.

There is another consideration. During the time from inauguration to last day of school, President Trump needs to be focused on fixing the top problems of the country without distraction of family – I mean family matters – even though his family is significantly involved with helping to solve top problems with the country.

Also, this will not be a good time to keep all the eggs in one basket. Secret Service will protect those family members who remain living at Trump Tower, and perhaps a few elsewhere. If the White House gets attacked, they survive. If Trump Tower gets hit, President Trump survives unless he is visiting Trump Tower when it happens. Of course it is possible both locations and others could be hit at the same time.

Bottom line is citizens need to accept and respect Melania Trump’s decision. There is no reasonable reason not to.

Editorial Article by Jim Lantern
Sunday, 27 November 2016

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