Personal Update: How I Beat Advanced Crusted Norweigen Scabies

I have beat the Advanced Crusted Norweigen Scabies, mainly with the unconventional use of Permethrin in spray form – over-the-counter, no prescription needed. It’s the single Active Ingredient in Hot Shot Flea, Lice, and Tick killer spray – sold in most stores – I bought it at Dollar General.  Permethrin spray is able to penetrate the hard crusted ridges inhabited by the mites, to slowly kill them – it takes many treatments. Unlike the prescription only cream version of Permethrin used to kill normal Scabies, which can’t penetrate and kill the advanced kind living in the hard crusted ridges for protection. A person with the normal kind only has a few dozen of the mites. A person with the advanced kind has hundreds to thousands of them.

The worst of them was on my back. A nest looks like a bruise about 2-3 inches in diameter, which is covered by the hard crusted ridges. The nests are surrounded by a painful red rash that looks and feels like a severe sunburn, which has a burning sensation and stinging – more so than the intense itching associated with normal scabies. There is more itching of skin during the healing process. There is deep pain where the nests are, not only looking like bruising but feeling like bruising.

So I also used Icy Hot Lidocaine with menthol, and Gold Bond Medicated Body Powder with menthol and zinc oxide used as a skin protectant. Fair warning, the Icy Hot can at first hurt – sting and burn when going on, but that pain and the pain caused by the scabies will then quickly vanish for a few hours. If any bleeding, use hydrogen peroxide applied with cotton balls, which can briefly hurt but worth it to clean the wounds. Do not use Hand Sanitizer to clean the wounds – worse than pain it is a guaranteed trip to hell.

A dermatologist specialist I was referred to turned out to be ignorant of the advanced kind and proved to be useless. He mainly treats people over age 60 for skin cancer. He accused the Integris MD who referred me of not giving me enough of the pills for internal treatment – he said should be 8 based on my body weight. Research I did proves the single pill prescribed by the MD and confirmed by the pharmacist is correct. Taking 8 at the same time he would have prescribed could have been dangerous. He was extremely rude, offensive, and insulting. I later discovered about 90% of his reviews (online) are negative. He accused me of causing the physical damage to my skin instead of Scabies – claimed I didn’t have any Scabies even though he did no microscopic inspection or tests. He claimed I could not control myself, scratched myself because of itching, which he believed was caused by anemia. I do have anemia, but then his further remarks proved him to be ignorant of anemia, hemoglobin count scale, and treatment. Also, he knew nothing of my history of bleeding ulcers causing the anemia that has never caused me to experience any itching – just low energy and dizziness. The bleeding ulcers are painful.

I’ve had bleeding ulcers off and on since age 30 in 1986. Genetic, my father had them and so did his father. I’ve received several emergency blood transfusions of 2 to 3 pints, and scoped to repair the ulcers in my stomach and esophagus over the years. Last time I was scoped, a year ago, I was told the tissue in my stomach and esophagus is so deteriorated it can no longer be repaired by normal means – such as patching or cauterizing. A special diet to boost immunity, healing, and hemoglobin production was prescribed. It has helped some, but now I’m slowly losing ground. At current rate of decline, I estimate I now have 5 to 6 months to live. I’ll slowly bleed to death – when hemoglobin count falls below 5 then I’ll become unconscious, go into a coma, and die. A normal hemoglobin count for me should be 12 to 14. I was at 10 a year ago after getting 2 pints of blood raising it from an 8. I believe I’m now losing nearly a pint per month. No more blood transfusions will be allowed now – can’t waste precious blood on a patient who can no longer be saved. I’m like a glass with a hole in it – no reason to put water in a glass knowing it will soon leak out and the leak can’t be fixed. However, I might soon qualify for an operation to remove and bypass my stomach. Two kinds. One hooks up the large intestine to the bottom of the esophagus so nutrition can still be taken in by mouth. The other is to install a side port to inject nutrition directly into the large intestine. If it is done, depending on finding a MD to do it and being covered by Medicare, and then if successful, I could live 20 years and be in better health overall. If done, then it will probably be at Oklahoma University Medical Center in Oklahoma City instead of at the hospital here in Norman.

While most doctors agree on the same treatment for normal Scabies, few doctors and dermatologists agree on a treatment for the advanced kind – because so many that might work for one or a few patients then fail to work for other patients. So, in my case, what worked for me, might not work for others. Proceed with caution.

The Permethrin bug spray comes with a warning that it can kill cats, is safe for dogs, and can cause rash on humans. I sprayed it on a pointer finger and middle finger to apply only to the nests. One treatment every 12 hours. After a few treatments of the nests, the newer ones began to break up, and redness around them vanished. The older nests were harder to break up even if some penetration by the spray killed all or most of the mites therein. So it was also necessary to use Liquid Corn & Callus Remover – Salicylic Acid – to remove some crusted ridges. Doing so is briefly more painful than the Lidocaine but not as painful as the Hand Sanitizer I regretted using. Only problem is, what remains is nest ridge scars with slightly darkened skin, and some reddish-brown spots like old insect bites where the surrounding redness was.

I noticed there was more healing – rapid healing – at night while asleep. Surprising, because the mites are known to be most active during nights. Maybe that is what makes them more vulnerable during nights.

I believe they are all dead now. No more itching, stinging, burning, or deep pain, so I feel much better. It took two months to win this bug war. I hope they stay gone now. This is much worse than hard-to-kill painful bedbugs.

I still don’t know how I caught them. It wasn’t by sexual or direct contact with other infected people. Be warned, the advanced kind of Scabies can live apart from humans for up to 3 days on many different kinds of surfaces. So they can go from infected human to a particular shared surface to another human. When the attack began with clusters of tiny white bites/blisters on my upper back, I thought it to be insect bites I got while out riding my bicycle. I also suspected a cat I had contact with that had fleas that got on my hands and arms. I suspected the laundry room of the apartments complex I live at, because after washing and drying clothes there, and putting a clean shirt on from that, I then experienced severe itching on my back, and I was not able to see or determine the cause at the time.

Special Report by Jim Lantern
Sunday, 27 November 2016

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