My New Menu at Age 60


My New Menu at Age 60 – Includes:

MILK – I drink on average a gallon of whole milk every 3 days. With a history of bleeding stomach ulcers I mainly use it to coat my stomach to help protect it and especially knock down pain. Sometimes riding my bicycle over to the grocery store aggravates it, so I usually end up walking part way next to the bicycle, using the bicycle to hold me up and as a cart to carry things in its baskets – front and back. So then at the store I usually buy a small plastic bottle (about 12oz) of milk  to drink on the way back home – making that part of the trip much easier. I can usually measure my daily energy level by how far I can walk or ride the bicycle and how often I need to stop to rest and drink water or milk while resting. Or sometimes a cold soft drink such as 7-UP or a Lemon Lime that can give me energy while also knocking down any nausea. Presently, my maximum range is a mile, and I usually have to rest a couple of minutes at every quarter mile – or otherwise while waiting for cars to pass at intersections. I always have to walk next to the bicycle when going up-hill or int the wind. Anemia has put so much stress on my heart that can cause me to lose consciousness and crash, as has happened a couple of times. Cramps or numbness in hands when riding is usually caused by dehydration. Sometimes I have to walk next to the bicycle because of pain in legs when peddling but not when walking next to it. Usually the bicycle riding does me more good than harm. Then sometimes at the grocery store I needed the cart not only to carry food but to help hold me up when I feel weak and get dizzy. The ride can sometimes trigger cold air asthma during the cold months.

CARNATION INSTANT BREAKFAST nutritional drink mix – with whole milk added of course. One packet every day with breakfast or dinner, rarely with lunch.

CAP’N CRUNCH’S PEANUT BUTTER CRUNCH sweetened corn and oat cereal – with whole milk, or eaten out of the box as snack food. Most cold cereals no longer taste good to me, and now this kind tastes the best. I eat some of it every day at different times.

PEANUT BUTTER (soft) and JELLY (usually Apple) on Pepperidge Farm Very Thin Sliced Enriched White BREAD for sandwiches – One for my usual lunch each day.

INSTANT OATMEAL – Most flavors now have no taste at all, but I can still sense Apples & Cinnamon, and Raisin & Spice, if I add some milk or non-dairy creamer to the hot water, and then about three spoonfuls of sugar for topping. I have those only a couple of times each week or just on cold mornings with breakfast or as breakfast.

COFFEE – Only French Vanilla Cafe of Maxwell House does not aggravate my stomach ulcers and has the best flavor.I do add milk or a spoonful of non-dairy creamer and two spoonfuls of sugar. Usually one cup each morning, rarely in late afternoon or evening.

HOT COCO MIX sometimes buying the packets with marshmallows – I usually add milk or non-dairy creamer to the mix with the hot water to help prevent aggravation of my stomach ulcers.

ORANGE SUNNY D 100% VITAMIN C – Is more refreshing than 100% orange juice and does not aggravate my stomach ulcers like pure orange juice does.

V8 VEGETABLE JUICE – Now taste better than ever before, and I now get most of my vegetables in that liquid form now. However, too much at one time can sometimes aggravate my stomach ulcers – causing severe pain. Usually one 12oz glass with crushed ice at lunchtime.

DR PEPPER (and generic or alternate brands like Doctor Topper or Doctor Thunder), with crushed ice in a glass – Still taste good, rarely aggravates my stomach ulcers. I sometimes add a couple of shots of milk to the top, not stirred in, which I call a Doctor Cow or a Doctor Moonrise. Likewise a couple of shots of SUNNY D, not stirred in, which I call a Doctor Sunrise. It is the only beverage that knocks down my physical depression in about 15 minutes after drinking about 12oz. By physical depression I mean depression that has a physical cause – in my case fluctuating blood glucose – depression with low blood glucose and slightly manic with high blood glucose – accounts for my Bipolar II (more depressive than manic) diagnosis. For the emotional kind of depression associated with situations experienced, good music is usually an effective cure for me.

BOOST COMPLETE NUTRITIONAL DRINK, VERY VANILLA, 26 Essential Vitamins & Minerals, 10g Protein, 3g Fiber – Can be expensive but worth it. Usually a 8oz bottle (cold from refrigerator) with dinner or as dinner, or sometimes with breakfast or as breakfast.

VIENNA SAUSAGE (Armour Original) – At this time is the only meat I can tolerate eating. On my flavor scale of 5 = excellent, 4 = good, 3 = average, 2 = bad, 1 = horrible, it was a 3 in the past and is now a 4 if I don’t eat too many at one time. I can eat them straight out of the can. Ideal to be stored as an emergency food source during long power failures – no need to cook/heat or refrigerate them, and ideal when camping or traveling. Protein 7g, Iron 6%. [Of all other meats I’ve recently tried, all now taste bad to horrible when chewing them – so bad as to make me nauseated, get the dry heaves – causing stomach ulcers to bleed and then I throw up blood.]

PECAN PIE, Fully Cooked, Thaw & Serve – Now a 5 on my flavor scale, was a 4. Field’s brand 32 oz (8 servings) is the most affordable. Protein 6g, Iron 8%. I warm up a slice in the MW oven. One each day or every other day makes me feel better and alive again for a few hours, instead of feeling like a Walking Dead zombie. Now for me it’s no longer just a dessert, but can be a small meal such as for lunch I can easily chew and still taste good while chewing it.

ALMONDS – Whole in a 8.5oz can for snacking – Protein 6g, Iron 6%.. “Almonds contain lots of healthy fats, fiber, protein, magnesium and vitamin E. The health benefits of almonds include lower blood sugar levels, reduced blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels. They can also reduce hunger and promote weight loss.” Still taste good while chewing them, and I am able to still chew them. Even better, I discovered M&M’s Almond – “Made with Freshly Roasted Almonds, 9.9oz bag, Protein 4g, Iron 4%.

CREAM OF CHICKEN CONDENSED SOUP – I add milk. It can coat stomach and reduce stomach ulcer pain. But only 2g of Protein and 2% Iron, in a 10.75oz can.

BUGLES CRISPY CORN SNACK or CORN CHIPS sometimes dipped in SOUR CREAM – Easily chewed and still taste good – unlike potato chips and other similar snacks including cheese-flavored that all taste bad or like cardboard.

WATERMELON – Bought fresh, kept cold in refrigerator, cut down to bite-size chunks. I’ve noticed while eating watermelon – and then for at least an hour after – I’ve experienced an increase in clarity of thought, lifting the mental fog left by recent pain from stomach ulcers and headaches. “Watermelons are mostly water — about 92 percent — but this refreshing fruit is soaked with nutrients. Each juicy bite has significant levels of vitamins A, B6 and C, lots of lycopene, antioxidants and amino acids. There’s even a modest amount of potassium. Plus, this quintessential summer snack is fat-free, very low in sodium and has only 40 calories per cup. Scientists have taken notice of watermelon’s high lycopene levels — about 15 to 20 milligrams per 2-cup serving, according to the National Watermelon Promotion Board — some of the highest levels of any type of fresh produce. Lycopene is a phytonutrient, which is a naturally occurring compound in fruits and vegetables that reacts with the human body to trigger healthy reactions. It is also the red pigment that gives watermelons, tomatoes, red grapefruits and guavas their color. Lycopene has been linked with heart health, bone health and prostate cancer prevention. It’s also a powerful antioxidant thought to have anti-inflammatory properties. By the way, watermelon is the official state vegetable of Oklahoma where I now live.

APPLES – I try to have one per day now with lunch or as an afternoon snack – cut down to bite-size slices, easy to chew and still tastes excellent. Very refreshing if eaten while cold from the refrigerator.

ORANGE SHERBET – No nutritional value, but very refreshing. I developed a taste for it as a snack during the week I spent in a hospital in Wichita during September 2015 when I was treated for bleeding stomach ulcers. I still like it.

IRON TABLETS (Ferrous Sulfate) – One 28mg each morning with breakfast. I have to crush them in a pill crusher and then wash it down with water. Otherwise pills of any size get stuck in my esophagus where there is damage and a narrowing, bleeding ulcer, hiatal hernia, gerd, made worse by occasional acid reflux. It’s good for Red Blood Cell Production, needed as result of anemia – low hemoglobin count – caused by my bleeding stomach ulcers and the single bleeding ulcer in my esophagus.

STRESS B-COMPLEX TABLETS with Key B Vitamins + Vitamin C and Zink – Helps Support Cellular Energy Production and the Immune System. One tablet crushed, washed down with water, with breakfast every morning.

At this time, the above is my entire menu. Most other foods and beverages I can no longer consume – because of bad taste or difficulty chewing. I’ve lost more teeth this year 2016 and last year 2015., so there are few left to chew with.

Special Report by Jim Lantern
Thanksgiving Day Holiday, Thursday, 24 November 2016

I turned age 60 on 5 March 2016. I was born in Wichita Kansas, moved to Norman Oklahoma 3 May 2008.

It has been reported that people after turning age 60 can experience changes in sense of taste (and sense of smell associated with sense of taste according to some articles), reduction in sense of taste, or totally losing sense of taste. Some of it can be attributed to age, medicine, dental problems, and other physical health problems. Perhaps all of those apply to me now.

This month of November 2016, I experienced significant bizarre changes in sense of taste, although a few items began to change in October 2016.

It might have started with pre-cooked heat and serve Baby-Back BBQ Ribs, which tasted excellent as usual one month and then extremely too salty the next month.

Then eggs I usually scramble suddenly tasted wrong – causing me to toss out the remainder of the dozen, thinking it to be something wrong with the eggs instead of me. The next dozen bought at a different store with a more distant expiration date also tasted bad. So I quit buying eggs. Then I discovered the same problem with all contents of MW breakfasts – including eggs, potatoes, and sausage. Likewise when I bought the Big Breakfast at McDonald’s that I usually get every Sunday morning. I thought their Sausage Biscuits to be the best sausage I’ve ever tasted, then suddenly tasted horrible. Likewise their hash browns I loved to snack on, suddenly taking like cardboard.

All or most meats began to taste like mud and mushy cardboard when trying to chew them. Including beef, chicken, fish, pork, and turkey. However, although chicken to be chewed now taste bad, chicken in the form of Cream of Chicken Soup still taste very good!

My sense of taste for most liquids has not changed, and a few now taste better than ever before. Including V8 Vegetable Juice, for which I now get most of my vegetables in that liquid form. Otherwise most vegetables to be chewed now taste bad while chewing them.

My history of bleeding stomach ulcers began at age 30 in 1986. It’s genetic – my father had them during his 30’s and until he died at age 50 in 1968 when I was age 12.  I’ve received several emergency blood transfusions, and have been scoped to repair the ulcers several times.  The most recent was during a brief return to Wichita in September 2015. I was given 2 pints of blood and was scoped at Via Christi St Francis Hospital. The doctors determined my ulcers can no longer be repaired by normal means – such as cauterizing or patching, because the tissue in my stomach and esophagus has become too deteriorated. A special diet was prescribed to boost healing, immunity, and production of iron to help restore hemoglobin count. Otherwise I will eventually die from the internal bleeding. I’m like a glass of water with a hole in it that can’t be repaired, and so putting more water in it would be a waste while it continues to leak out. Meaning, no more blood transfusions will be allowed. They can’t waste precious blood on a patient who can no longer be saved. The special diet has become obliterated with my sense of taste distorted and fewer teeth to eat food with. The special diet wasn’t working well anyway. I estimate my rate of decline results in me now having only 5 to 6 months left to live – at which time my hemoglobin count will fall below a count of 5 and then I will slip into a coma and then die…

However, back during September 2015, a special operation could have saved my life, but at that time would have been classified as Elective Surgery instead of Emergency Surgery and therefore not covered by Medicare. With further decline now making the anemia life-threatening, it could be done as Emergency Surgery covered by Medicare – including aid to pay for special nutrition packet meals. The surgery would normally include removing the defective stomach and hooking up the esophagus directly to the large intestine. Now because my esophagus is also damaged, the surgery would result in my stomach being removed and a special external port valve and internal line installed for me to inject nutrition directly into my large intestine. If I were to have a really good reason to cause me to want to stay alive, then I could probably tolerate living like that. Finding a good surgeon who agrees it is the best means to save my life,and is willing to do it, will be one of the difficult parts if I were to pursue that option.

List of other beverages and mainly foods I can no longer consume because: Changes in my sense of taste make previously good tasting items now taste bad; or difficulty chewing, or difficulty swallowing – gets stuck in my damaged esophagus even if thoroughly chewed, triggers stomach ulcer pain and/or bleeding, triggers headaches (migraine), etc…

  • Cheese – any kind in any form.
  • Lettuce – mainly dark green I never liked but now also light green crunchy my favorite for salads and sandwiches.
  • Salad dressing – any kind.
  • Ketchup. mayonnaise, and mustard, as well as 57 Steak Sauce – for any purpose.
  • Chill – no beans (preferred) or with beans.
  • French toast and/or pancakes including syrup.
  • Bread – most kinds except for the very thin slices of white bread.
  • Donuts and rolls of any kind..
  • Pizza – no matter which toppings.
  • Bacon and sausage.

…This list might be added to and updated in the future, as well as the reporting of what I can still eat, as I continue to experiment to determine what I can and can’t consume.

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