Fake News Stories – How to Know when Reports about Trump Administration are False

There have been reports about concern regarding the creation of fake news and who is responsible for creating it.

One of the ways to know when a story is likely to be false is when the source is not identified. When a source is identified and confirms it then it is likely true.

Regarding the claim Trump picked Mike Huckabee to be Ambassador to Israel: “Citing a Trump transition official, The Daily Mail reported on Friday that Trump was set to pick Huckabee for the appointment. The report also speculated that one of Huckabee’s first tasks would be relocating America’s embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem as Trump previously vowed to do.”

I read that. At first, I thought it to be a brilliant choice and plan. Then I focused on “Citing a Trump transition official…” because the “official” was not identified.

“However, a well-placed source on Trump’s team told IJR [Independent Journal Review] the report isn’t true, but didn’t elaborate further.” Again, “a well-placed source” who is not identified.

Quoting unidentified sources is old school government politics reporting. NO ONE within the Trump organization and involved with establishing the Trump Administration will ever speak off the record as a source under condition of not being identified. If a report is true, then the source will be identified, and will be Trump himself or someone Trump has authorized to report it.

The following paragraph has been excerpted from the 1986 Baen Book printing of Robert A. Heinlein’s novel titled “Revolt in 2100” –from the story titled “If This Goes On—”:

  • Successful revolution is big business – make no mistake about that. In a modern, complex, and highly industrialized state, revolution is not accomplished by a handful of conspirators whispering around a guttering candle in a deserted ruin. It requires countless personnel, supplies, modern machinery and modern weapons. And to handle these factors successfully there must be loyalty, secrecy, and superlative organization.

That “…there must be loyalty, secrecy…” is the Trump demand of all within his organization and future Trump Administration as President of the United States. Trump has repeatedly condemned the Obama Administration for constantly revealing what our military will do and when to ISIS and other enemies – enemies who watch the same news stories and news sources. That will not happen under the Trump Administration. There will be no leaks.

Via Twitter, Mike Huckabee himself denied being asked to be U.S. Ambassador to Israel.

From Politico: “Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee said Friday that although he discussed a potential cabinet role with President-elect Donald Trump, it was not ‘the right fit.’ Appearing on Fox News The O’Reilly Factor, Huckabee was pressed by fill-in host Eric Bolling to divulge whether he was offered a position in the Trump administration during his meeting with the New York mogul earlier Friday at Trump Tower. ‘We talked about an opportunity,’ Huckabee said. ‘But you know, I’m not sure it was the right fit.’ Asked to elaborate on the nature of the position, Huckabee claimed to be in contention for both a cabinet and advisory role, but refused to go into details out of respect for others potentially under consideration.”

I watched that live interview on Fox News, and that is not what was said. Huckabee flat out refused to discuss it or to give any hints. He repeatedly said it is not his job to report what happened. He considers it to have been a confidential meeting, and talking about it would violate his loyalty to Trump. He repeatedly said if it is to be reported then it will be Trump who will announce it – after which he will confirm it, and whether or not he accepted or rejected the offer.

In the rush to boost ratings, impatient news sources are falsifying the news – or rather hoping that their best guess will turn out to be the truth – but reporting it as fact before official confirmation. Then if it turns out to be wrong they can blame the unidentified source within the Trump camp.

Trump is acting fast enough as it is. The truth will be known soon enough. Patience is required.

Editorial Article by Jim Lantern
Saturday morning 19 November 2016

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