My Opinion: Trump’s method of contacting and meeting with foreign leaders is good

It appears to me Trump is keeping his promise (in several ways) to end “political correctness” as well as cutting through the typical government political bullshit to get a job done. To hell with protocol and its associated cost, personnel, and time. Sensitivities be damned. Logistics, getting it done, is what matters. Path of least resistance. Less cost, much quicker, more effective. Efficient. The well-oiled Trump machine is full ON…

…Kinda reminds me of this old Nextel-Sprint commercial raising the question, “What if firefighters ran the world?” They cut through the usual Washington D.C. bullshit and get the job done.

This is the first real indication of how President Trump will run the government and country. Very refreshing. With a Republican Congress – House and Senate – willing to cooperate with a Republican President in the White House, we should see fast action and great progress upon completing the 20 January 2017 Presidential Inauguration. Why wait? He’s already starting some processes, taking what action he legally can as President-Elect. Further, he appears to be picking good Cabinet members and others to be part of his administration.

One of several news stories about Trump contacting foreign leaders…

Trump In Contact With Foreign Leaders, But State Department Phones Quiet – NPR 17 November 2016.

As Darth Vader would say, “Impressive. Most impressive.” I expect if there is any slowness in the government, Trump will find “new ways to motivate them…”

Reported by Jim Lantern, Norman Oklahoma
Friday afternoon 18 November 2016

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