Creature Comfort

I had two small cat beds outside my door under my dining room window, but they prefer to share the same bed – just barely large enough for both in it side-by-side. Click on image to see full size.


The two cats were abandoned by a neighbor who moved out long ago. Other neighbors and I have been taking turns feeding and caring for the cats. One old male, and a younger grey and white female. She follows him everywhere. Apparently they are a couple. They bump foreheads when greeting each other after having been apart. Both prefer to be outside cats instead of inside cats, except during storms, severe cold or severe heat, and when being harassed by other cats or dogs. I usually put out water and dry food they can eat anytime, various wet canned food or occasional people food treats once-per-day when they request it. Depends on if they got something better from one of the other neighbors. Names of the cats? They haven’t told me. Neighbors here have probably given them several names. Keeping it simple, I sometimes call him Buddy and her Kitty.

Jim Lantern
Tuesday 14 November 2016

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