MUST SEE New Videos from “Anonymous” of which I agree 100% with!

From 12 November 2016 – The beginning of the following video is very impressive!

Anonymous – Message to Donald Trump

From 11 November 2016 – I agree 100% with the following video video!

ANONYMOUS – WAKE UP AMERICA they are COMING! – “Donald Trump”

My opinion on one of the presented issues…

Sanctuary Cities. “What an absurd idea” has been and still is my initial impression when I first discovered that subject reported in the news. Just imagine if there had been Sanctuary Cities within the United States during World War II for Nazis! Just imagine if there had been Sanctuary Cities within the United States during the Cold War for Communists! It amounts to treason, giving aid to our enemies. Trump is on the right track for this and related issues.

I was just this Saturday evening visiting YouTube to pass some time until watching a 2-part special on GetTV local cable channel 216 – a repeat from 1997 – the original I missed back then so I’m now seeing this for the first time…

  • Rough Riders
  • 6:00 PM CT to 10:30 PM CT on GetTV 216, 2 hr 15 min per 2 parts – Parts 1 and 2 – 1997 TV-14
  • Energetic, inexperienced Theodore Roosevelt (Tom Berenger) helps form a regiment of volunteers to fight in the Spanish-American War. Sam Elliott, Gary Busey. Nash: Brad Johnson. Edith Roosevelt: Illeana Douglas. McKinley: Brian Keith. Wadsworth: Chris Noth. Hearst: George Hamilton. John Milius directed.

…When I visit YouTube, signed in, YouTube recommends videos based on my perceived interests. YouTube does a good job of that, since I regularly share YouTube videos at my site, as well as others I seek and watch at YouTube. Today is the first time YouTube recommended “Anonymous” videos, beginning with the above two I’m sharing here at my site. Again, YouTube got it right, perceiving what interests me.

I also recommend the following video I’ve shared at my site before, and now find it appropriate to do so again for this special posting…

Thanks for watching these videos.

Jim Lantern
Saturday evening 12 November 2016

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